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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a White First Christmas here in Texas. My brother, Isaac, was supposed to drive here from Austin on Christmas Eve but decided to fly at the last minute because of the bad weather. I'm not sure which was better. He ended up getting here 5-6 hours later than scheduled during a snow/ice storm. I saw two accidents on the way to pick him up at the airport and one guy who I thought should have made an excellent UTube video. His car was skidding sideways (on the highway) and headed towards the guardrail so he opened up the door and tried to use his feet to stop the car. Either that or he was going to bail out of the car. It was a spectacular display of stupidity.
Isaac got here safe and sound and we made it home with no accidents and a fascinating but over my head lecture on the physics behind anti-lock brakes. But we got back too late for me to put the babies to bed on Christmas Eve. Rich left them sleeping in the playroom so I could carry them to bed. It was so sweet.

Before Christmas we practiced sitting in the Bumbos with their new blankets in front of the tree. THANK YOU CLARKE!!

Eloise really had it down pat.

We started off Christmas morning with a new food- steamed and pureed carrots- in honor of the reindeer. Addy and Beckett loved it, Eloise choked and gagged.
Then downstairs to see what Santa brought.

This is a FAVORITE book

Maybe in a couple of years Beckett; these Legos belong to Isaac.

That's more your speed.

Isaac showing Addy how to open presents (thanks Aunt Laura).

Maybe we should save this one for later...

Don't worry Addy, I'll give them back to you in a few years. I promise.

Isaac got Eloise dressed in her Christmas dress. I think it was the first time he dressed a baby. The red little diaper covers threw him off. He called them "bungees." I'm a little suspicious as to why he knows that term for cheerleading breifs.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, one set of triplets...

They sat for so long in the Bumbos under the tree we decided to try for a family picture- minus Bella, she was busy eating wrapping paper.

With our new Bundle-Me for the strollers (Thanks Mom) and their new snowsuits (Thanks Cari) we took the babies for a walk even though it was really cold. They were so warm and snuggly they slept the whole time even when we took them out of the stroller. Beckett even napped in his snowsuit when we got home.

Then he woke up and wanted to dress like a Nutcraker.

I'm happy to report there was no coal at our house this year. These babies must have been ANGELS this year because so many people were so generous to our family. A special thanks to my work, The Heart Hospital, for thinking of our babies and making our holidays even more joyful. Thank you to everyone who thought of us on this holiday and throughout this whole year.

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