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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Angels, Idols and Triplets

Back in December we were part of a photo shoot for an installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum. We didn't end up in the final copy but we did end up with these beautiful pictures my mom took while we were hanging out. In case the setting looks familiar, it is the same setting as the holiday Victoria's Secret ads and the Milwaukee American Idol tryouts. It is just beautiful, has a heated parking garage (only one of two that I've found so far), and lots of kid/family centered activities.
This museum is truly one of the crown jewels of Milwaukee and we are just chomping at the bit for the kids area to re-open next month. In the meantime with this cold I'm forced to go to the other heated parking garage to entertain the kids which turns into a very expensive habit. Rich is always asking, "Weren't you just at Whole Foods?"

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