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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dog Days of Winter

Winter in WI can get long and I'm still too chicken to take the kids outside much in the cold weather which makes us all a little stir-crazy. The other day it was fairly warm- in the 20's and I thought I could get them bundled up in their beautiful down snowsuits and take them in the choo-choo wagon to the post office down the street and then to the park. But through a series of events which I'm sure you can imagine I was plain exasperated so I ended up putting them into the car and googling the nearest Starbucks drive-thru.
I never realized how important drive-thru's are to my sanity. Unfortunately there are significantly fewer here than in TX. I don't have to get the kids dressed appropriately for the weather and I don't have to get them in and out of the car, yet we can still get out of the house with a purpose. That purpose being getting me caffeine. They are pretty happy in the car for about 45 minutes but much longer than that I run the risk of someone falling asleep which is a killer to the schedule. So I do everything I can to stop them from sleeping like talking loud, pointing out trucks and buses where there are none, taking away lovies (this is mainly Eloise the little lovie hog), and poking them in the feet. The poking is last resort because it doesn't really work and is dangerous when I'm driving.
Although we are not technically under RSV restriction like last year we still have to be careful and curtail some of our normal activities. For example, I took the kids to the Milwaukee Art Museum (the scene for this weeks American Idol) in the morning and there were tons of school kids there. The triplets were in the stroller and not touching anything but elementary school kids LOVE multiples. They stop and point and stare. And I guess the school kids like the same exhibits as the triplets- American Folk Art because of the large number of animal pieces so it got a little crowded. Taking the elevator was a little scary too because each time we shared with a group of kids.
I also got one of those famously strange comments from a teacher that day. As we were all leaving the elevator she said to me, "I'd take my 35 over those 3 any day." I know people are not trying to hurtful but I didn't think that was very kind to my sweet babies that were sitting in the stroller with their eyes wide open not making a peep.
Anyway, I've been trying to come up with ways to keep us entertained in the house and each day is a challenge. One day this week I dressed all the kids in clothes that had dogs on them. I know that sounds silly but a great way to avoid a meltdown is to say, "Eloise, do you have a doggy on your dress?" She would stop in her tracks and look for the dog and generally forget the previous insult. I need to keep that in mind when buying clothes in the future. Who am I kidding, I mean when my mom buys clothes in the future. Did you catch that Mom?
I also remembered we had a few pop up play tents that were put away because we don't have the space to keep them up an a regular basis. I set them up in the nursery and hall.
These pants were coming unsnapped all day but it did not appear to bother him. He was going wild popping in and out of the green car tent popping open the snaps with each step.

Hey Eloise, can I get a picture without 6 lovies in your mouth?

Guess not. This is what happens when you take away lovies (which is why I take them away to keep her awake in the car.) Mean I know but if you think that is mean, you should see me when they don't nap and I have 12 hours straight with no break. That's mean.

Hmm, maybe I can play now that I have my lovies back. Addy and Beckett were hysterically running in and out.

You can see the dogs on both girls dresses. Look at her face. These are not the dogs days of winter.

I'm trying to incorporate more art projects for entertainment but I'm not yet willing to try try finger paints just because of the mess factor. This day they were using stickers which I think was very good for Beckett's fine motor skills. He was very careful about putting each sticker on top of the previous until they were all stacked up. Addy was so mad that they were were in one pile. She took his paper and unpeeled every one from the stack and spread them out on the paper.

This is more Beckett's style- climbing.

And this- dreaming about a house filled with croissants and trucks.

And this. Just kidding. Rarely these days does he want a barrette in his hair like the girls. He may have gotten over that phase or Rich had a secret talk with him.

He pulled that barrette out of Eloise's hair. Her hair is getting really long and really looks ridiculous without a barrette as you can see. She probably could use a little cut but I refuse. You can also see that we have a new favorite toy. Little jars. Really the girls only like the Aveda lotion jar to carry around. The other is a cheapo travel thing that they will accept in a pinch. But this day Eloise refused to put either down. She was struggling to carry around both with the tops off so I guess she figured out an easier method of transport.

Once one of the girls get their hands on them they will not put them down for fear the other will take them. Addy even napped with both of these they other day. I actually called my mom in desperation looking for more little jars because they are so popular.

The rest of these pictures I've named the What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up series. Beckett is crazy about stacking blocks. But he only wants them to be stacked up high one on top. I can see where this is very good for motor skills but very bad for his frustration level because once the girls see blocks stacked Addy comes to help which makes him mad and Eloise (or The Wrecking Crew as Rich calls her) tries to knock it down with the stroller. A genius engineer works much better when his sisters are not bothering him.

The talking dolls have a little panel on their chest that when you push it, or theoretically hug them, activates the talking. It reminds me of the mannequins you use during CPR class; it has the same feel and noise. When Addy is playing with the talking baby dolls she frequently is found doing something that the nurse in me calls pumping their chest or what looks like giving chest compressions. So this was the sequence of events...
Addy is running with the doll in the stroller. I'm guessing she is taking her to the hospital or someone called a code.

Starting compressions

Rescue breath

Help has arrived. Addy saved her and the Eloise is giving her orange juice. Addy knows better than to give chest compressions when someone is awake and drinking orange juice so I'm guessing she is trying to get her to talk.
Think I miss working? I mean, working at a hospital?

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