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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If I can't see you I can't hear you

Where do kids come up with these things? Just today I noticed something funny with Addy. When she was getting reprimanded or asked to do something she would close her eyes and turn her head away from me. It happened twice today.
Once at lunch I ASKED her if she threw her food and fork on the floor (she just did) and then TOLD her that throwing food was not allowed, blah, blah, blah. The minute I started talking she closed her eyes, stuck her chin out and turned her head to the side until I stopped talking. WHAT? I ignored her behavior. She stopped throwing food which was the point.
Then about 30 minutes later she did it again. I told everyone to go upstairs for naps. She had her back to me sitting on one of the riding toys and didn't budge while Eloise and Beckett scooted up the stairs. I got them in their room and came back down for Addy and she was in the same spot. I came around to her front and she was sitting there with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. I told her it was time to go upstairs for nap. She kept her eyes closed and turned her head to the side still smiling. I picked her up, she started to laugh and kick and tried to bite me in the shoulder. I carried her upstairs explaining the whole way that I knew she heard me and she needs to listen when I ask her to do something.
Really? This is starting now? I thought I had at least until they turned 2. It was pretty funny though. My mom made a good point. Maybe it was not- If I can't see you I can't hear you BUT If I can't see you with my eyes closed then you can't see me. She was hiding and thought she was pretty clever.
No hiding that naughty I'm-up-to-something smile

And 5 seconds later...
And hiding from me 5 seconds after that...Seriously, what am I going to do about this hair? This is even after I put in curl conditioner.


  1. Sophia did this for about a month, but instead of doing it to me when she was getting in trouble, she did it to other people. Like a stranger at the park one day when we were having a picnic was talking to us, Sophia turned her head, closed her eyes and stuck her nose in the air. I apologized profusely- and explained to Sophia how rude she was being! Pretty funny! Where do they come up with this type of behavior?

  2. Wow, her hemanginoma is practically gone! I can't even see it in those pictures. That's so great.

    She is looking pretty mischievous though! I'm glad you are experiencing and figuring all this behavior out so I can read your blog and prepare myself for when our trio is heading into their twos. :)