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Friday, January 7, 2011

Comments from Strangers

There has not been 1 time when I've been out with the kids that I don't get some sort of comment from a stranger. I guess we will get comments until we don't have all the gear, IE triple stroller and choo-choo wagon that draw so much attention. Most of the time I don't mind, you just get used to it and it comes with the territory. In general, the comments are pretty benign, sometimes funny and many times encouraging. But sometime the comments are rude, unkind or just downright strange. I've never once been rude or unkind back no matter what the comment. I just blog about it.

We had rough morning with Eloise hanging on me, a few good tumbles and lots of poop. I had been in the house with the kids for almost 48 hours so I had to get out and we getting a little low on milk. I've mentioned that I frequent Whole Foods because of the heated parking garage. Even if milk is cheaper at the Pick n'Save down the street, I figure that my sanity and keeping the kids warm is worth the extra $4.00. Plus, they give a 10% case discount (4 gallons) which ALMOST makes up for it.

I shop with the Choo-Choo Wagon so I can push the cart and pull the wagon. The garage is below the store so I have to take an elevator up which is no problem getting in but a little tricky to get out because the wagon is three cars which doesn't back up straight. With the cart and wagon back down the car requires the driving skills and reflexes of Mario Andretti. The doors close very quickly after opening so I have to back the wagon up quickly, get it in the way of the door, grab the cart and back everything up while the door opens and closes on me. I've lost the cart before but it came back down untouched.

It's not terrible pushing the cart and I can maneuver around the store pretty well but I know the tricky corners or aisles with big displays or poles and which wine displays to stay away from. It does get a little heavy and cumbersome when I have 4 gallons of milk, 96 oz of yogurt, and 3 pounds of tofu which is what is frequently in my cart along with everything else.

I keep an extra close eye on Addy because she is a grabber. In addition, her motto is- No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem. I don't even bother putting shoes or socks on her until we get someplace. She takes them off in the car if they even make it that far. So I have to watch and make sure she is not throwing everything overboard as she takes it off. I dread the day she figures out how to get totally undressed.

Even with all of that, I really enjoy taking the kids shopping. We need to get out, we are getting something accomplished while enjoying ourselves and they rarely if ever have had a meltdown in the store. But we still have to deal with the comments. Today I had two comments on totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

I was getting out of the elevator with the groceries and the wagon at the same they were collecting the carts from the garage so when the door opened there were carts lined up on either side of the door with about a 3 foot aisle 20 feet long for me to maneuver- pushing the wagon backwards and pulling the cart. That was a tough one. As I was struggling and sweating this woman came running over and said, "Please, please let me help. I've been watching you shop. I can't believe how well behaved your kids are. I will never ever complain about shopping again." She was really sweet but I think she was circling in the parking lot watching me get the kids in the car. That comment made up for a one a few minutes earlier while I was shopping.

A mature woman came up to me and said, "I'm a triplet too but 77 years ago babies weren't born in a test tube like they are now."

I can guarantee you my children were not BORN in a test tube. I have the body to prove it.

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  1. We have yet to really go out and receive any comments. Seriously though, people just don't think before they speak.

    I'm glad your story didn't end in you tipping over a wine rack. Yikes! I laughed though because I can just imagine you going through the store.