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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Boy Blue Eyes

I did a post on the girls so it was only fitting to do a post on the boy- Beckett.

One of the most frustrating yet lovable things with Beckett is that he does not talk yet is still very verbal. He is constantly jabbering, babbling, grunting, whining, and pointing. I know he gets as frustrated as us when he is trying to make a point we don't understand. He is probably the most verbal when just playing or walking around with his own little gibberish.
He is nuts about books and wants you (or the nearest adult) to NAME everything in a book for example his truck book. He will point to a truck and say, "ughh" and if you don't say, "cement mixer" or whatever the truck is, he will say, "ughh" louder and louder until you respond. And you better know your trucks because if you say cement mixer and his is pointing at a skid steer, the grunting doesn't stop. If you fail to respond sometimes he will move on to a new truck and start over or it might escalate to whining but I usually ask him to bring the book to me so I can see what he is pointing. He is a eager little guy and will pop right up and bring his book over to me, walk backwards a few steps so he can back up into my lap, plop down and start the "ughh" and frantic pointing all over again.
This little scene was pretty funny because it looked like Eloise was reading to Addy and Beckett. What a good little student. I asked him to smell the flower and he found the flower on the page and smelled/licked it.

That was in preparation for smelling and picking (whoops sorry) rosemary at the nature center.

Here's the pointing. That little finger is always in motion. He wants to know the name of everything and can point at the correct object when asked again later.
I don't know where he gets the pointing from...
Actually when I look back, this was a really cool picture that represents a big developmental milestone for all three. In the far left you can see a snapping turtle. There were 2 other turtles at the nature center that we saw that day and Beckett really loved them. A few days later they were bringing me animal magnets from the fridge and I was naming them. Beckett brought me a turtle and I said, "That's a turtle" and he pointed outside and was insistently grunting. Ohhhh, he remembered the turtle from the nature center. So now when we name animals there is a lot of pointing upstairs or outside and we recognize other places that turtles or cows or horses or pandas or dinosaurs exist. Like the nature center, upstairs in the Little People farm, a stuffed animal in the other room, or in the toy box. A few days ago when Addy had one of her short nap days I put on a National Geographic show about elephants. She was looking at it for a few minutes, then hopped up and ran over to a chair with stuffed animals, picked up the elephant puppet and ran back to sit down and watch hugging the elephant. I almost fell over.

He liked the nature center but while the girls were trying to escape out the windows he found a magazine to thumb through. He would be thrilled if life revolved around books, cars, trucks, triathlon magazines, animals, milk, and croissants with strawberry jam.

We definitely still have weight issues with him. You may notice that he pretty much lives in bib overalls. That is because most pants fall off him. I have a few 12 month pants that fit but they are a little short and still even those may fall off. Just this week I put a pair of 12 month pants on him and the next thing I knew he was walking around pants less because they fell off. My mom bought him a belt that we will try but what I really want are suspenders which I have been unable to find. If anyone knows where to get some, let me know! He just never wants to eat because he would rather be playing and when he does eat it is things like black olives, pears, rice, jam and generally low fat items with the exception of croissants which he devours. This is why he needs more calories because he is an active little boy. Listen carefully and you can probably hear the characteristic Beckett jabber.

I love this picture. Beckett had just figured out that those were black olives on the toy pizza and they didn't come off!
He was sooooo upset that I ended up opening a can of black olives for him to eat even though I had just finished cleaning the kitchen and it was right after dinner. Is that the most pitiful face? What a sweet and innocent little guy. This is what I mean about The Heartbreaker.

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