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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A lesson on how to behave at a party

We have been talking a lot about parties lately. We went to my dad's birthday party on Sunday which I prepared the kids for by talking about singing and dancing and of course eating cake. When it was time to go I said, "Who wants to go to Papa's house?" and they all sprinted to the gate to head down the stairs. I didn't bring my camera and I wish I would have because Addy soaked through her clothes and like a good mom I didn't have any extra with me. So she ended up running around with just shirt and shoes and when they brought the cake out Addy was sitting on my dad's lap with no shirt and just striped tights. Beckett was on his lap too and started to cry during "Happy Birthday" and Eloise was right next to him in a booster seat anxiously waiting cake. So that was the singing part and they must have remembered dancing on the coffee table on Christmas Eve because they kept trying to climb on the coffee table.
Last night I started talking to the kids again about what to do at a party and that singing and dancing is always fun and appropriate (hmm, maybe I should modify that lesson). I was preparing them to go to my sister's to hang out with her this morning on her birthday. I started to talk about cake and then realized I forgot to buy one. Bummer, I love cake. So I really hyped up the dancing.

Beckett apparently wants to dance to "You spin me round (like a record)"

Disclaimer- He didn't get hurt. Popped right up and back at it.

Addy had other ideas about singing and dancing. You can't hear it but she IS singing- just humming to herself which is what she does when I sing to her.

And then today when we started the singing and dancing at Sarah's this is what happened with 3-18 month olds and 1-3.5 year old.
You can tell we thought it was pretty funny. Poor Beckett was a little freaked out. He sat on that stool holding his truck for about 20 minutes.

We are super excited to sing and dance and celebrate with Oliver again when he turns 4 in a few weeks.

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