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Monday, January 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

I normally don't post my own quotes because I find other people are so much more interesting but today I thought I was pretty funny.

"Beckett, stop putting food down your pants."
"Beckett if you put more blueberries down your pants, you are done eating and getting down."
"Addy, you just ate fruit that was in Beckett's pants."

Let me set this up...
Beckett didn't want to wear his bib at dinner. He was wearing bib overalls with a brown shirt and no messy food so I didn't feel like fighting. During dinner he kept pulling the front of his bibs forward and looking down inside and pointing at the tag near his legs. I thought it was just a funny thing this silly boy was doing. When dinner was done I was feeding them what I call "Baby crack" which is freeze dried blueberries and strawberries. They have virtually no calories but do have Vitamin C and fiber so I just use them as entertainment. I put out piles of them when I'm trying to do some dishes before bath time. Beckett was fussing and pointing at his pants while eating. Normally they are totally silent packing in the fruit as fast as they can and only scream when they need more so I figured something was amiss. Eventually I figured out that he was putting strawberries down the front of his overalls, pulling them back out and eating them. He was mad because he lost one.
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I started doing dishes again and saw out of the corner of my eye that Beckett was still messing with the front of his overalls and now eating blueberries.
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I continued with the dishes and Beckett was still talking and pointing at stuff but kids this age are just chatterboxes and the kitchen was a mess so I didn't really investigate much more. After I finished the dishes and they ate two bags of fruit I pulled Beckett out of the feeding table and blueberries fell out of the bottom of his pants. I stripped off his overalls and captured 14 blueberries and 6 strawberries. That doesn't even count the ones that fell out as I pulled off his pants.
I lined them up on the table and ran to get my camera and came back to find Addy stuffing the last of the fruit in her mouth.
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It's not really as funny in context but as I was saying it I was totally cracking myself up. I think I'm giddy from being home with the kids (no outings) for 2 days straight. It is a wild 10-20 minutes to get everyone dressed and out to the car but normally try to go someplace everyday. Maybe we will just go for a short drive looking for buses, trucks and diggers but so worth it just to be reminded that a world exists outside of my sometimes surreal daily lives with triplets.

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  1. I think those are great quotes, is it extremely sad that I find them normal :). I never thought I would say that - Ever. Lately I find myself not caring if the girls are eating off the floor as long as they are eating. Hope you all are well.