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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little bit of everything- The girls

This video shows a little bit of everything with the girls-
Usually stuff with Addy wearing sunglasses with only one lens
A brief glimpse of Eloise dancing
The girls sharing a MacDonald's Hotcakes container
Addy running into something
And the ever present chatter of the You and Me baby dolls in Spanish.
All in about 20 seconds.

I can't believe I captured Eloise sharing on video! She had rough couple weeks but this week she has been just great. Those evaluators should come back this week, I'll bet they would give her a few extra months in the social-emotional category. If they had a category for baby doll care, both girls would have graduated and teaching the course.
I never know if she is changing a diaper, undressing her or trying switch her on.

She knows to give her a hug to make her start talking.

Safety First! Addy is always concerned about the seat belts. She can fasten the seat belt but not unfasten which is frustrating for both of us. She yells, "mamamamamamamama..." until I come running to unsnap the belt. Then 10 seconds later I hear, "mamamamamamamam..." and I know just what the problem is.

Eloise enjoys the finer things in life- she's a clothes horse, loves all accessories like shoes and sunglasses and bracelets, is crazy about cars (Matchbox racers that is) and is bona fide foodie. Can you tell?

The little dolls have become quite the posers for pictures. They were pretending to go on the potty after baths. Pretending because I'm sure they both peed in the tub. In fact I can sometimes catch them peeing and I put them on the potty, they stop peeing, get off the potty and them pee in the original spot which is either on the floor or in standing in the bathtub.
(I don't THINK you could see anything in this picture but I don't want there to be any excuse in the future of them saying I ruined their lives for posting naked pictures on the Internet.)

Where is Beckett you ask? He does not believe in peeing in anything that is so perfectly suiting for storing toys or standing in.

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