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Saturday, February 26, 2011

HAIR- The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

If you are not familiar with this Broadway show originally produced in 1967 and revived in 2008, the playbill below will give you an idea of what is it all about.

What the playbill does not tell you is that there is full nudity from the ENTIRE cast at some point during the show. If I had known that I would have rented the opera glasses. Just kidding. Hope those people in the front row knew what they were getting themselves into.
I went last night with my sister, Dad and Bambi with dinner before hand. It was like I was a real person again doing real things rather than just sprinting out to the store at nap time to buy milk or running to Target after the kids go to sleep and throwing things in the cart before it closes. My only regret is that my dad didn't get up and dance with the cast on stage at the end of the show like tons of other people. He has some serious dance moves!
The title of the musical coincided nicely with some of the pictures I have been taking lately of the girls as I'm trying to figure out what to do with their hair in an attempt to make it an little less disheveled and a little more girly without going overboard.
I'm always blown away by Addy's hair. I can't wait until it gets longer and fuller because it is just going to be these beautiful ringlets. Tons of work keeping away the frizz but just a head full of curls. Every morning after breakfast I brush out the forming dreads and mist it to curl it back up. And it looks great until after nap when it looks like this...

Love this picture with the one springy curl poking out from her head.

Every morning Rich says something along the lines of- Eloise can't see because there is hair in her eyes. Then I say something along the lines of- She needs a hair clip in her hair. Hint, hint.

I love when he puts a hair clip in because it always looks totally goofy but so effective in keeping the hair out of her eyes. His ingenious use of hair clips made me realize that I could try to use rubber bands instead. She always pulls out the hair clips accompanied by a little chunk of hair which makes me feel terrible but I was thinking that the rubber band could possibly spare the hair or she wouldn't be able to get it out.
This is unbrushed with a little food mixed in but you get the gist of the "hair in the eyes" comment.

This is minutes after waking up from her nap but through some miracle, the rubber band is still in her hair. It looks much better prior to her nap.

I love it when it is just brushed back. Her style is moving from mullet to a classic Shag.

Florence Henderson eat your heart out.

And we can't forget Mr. Beckett. His is still working very hard on growing hair and it appears that all of his work is focused on growing it in the back. Every once in a while it looks like a ring of long hair around his collar in the back. Rich came up with a name for his hair style as well. It's not a look so much as a comparison.
Hey Beckett, Terry Bradshaw called and he wants his hairstyle back.

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