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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Pics- trying to catch up

I forgot I had these pictures from Beckett on Valentines Day. After dinner he wanted NO part of eating cupcakes- probably didn't fit into his limited calorie diet these days. All he wanted to do was use new highchair from my mom to feed a baby doll. The big joke was that the kids wouldn't know what to do with the baby highchair because they have never really sat in a proper highchair- only a feeding table and booster seats.
Guess he showed us.

He can be such a sweet boy when he wants to be, which lately has not been really high on his list. We actually took him to the doctor on Tuesday because he has been so fussy, not eating, pulling on his ear, wanting his passy, laying down with lovies in middle of day, stealing toys and crying constantly. Did I mention the constant whining and the screaming and crying when it is time to eat? Turns out, he is perfectly fine. No ear infection, no fever, lungs sound great and gaining weight as expected. Well, he is 21 lbs and 7.5 oz and they would have liked him to be 21 lbs and 8 oz or more so he is 0.5 oz under what was expected on his current growth curve. For him, that is one dirty diaper so no worries there. The worry is (my worry) that this is just a stage or phase he is going through and perfectly normal at this age. Really? So we can expect this with the girls. Please, please, please tell me that is not true.

For now the girls are not sharing in Beckett's rough stage. They have really been great eaters lately with using spoons and trying new foods. I figured out that they really like to eat things with rinds like oranges, melons and pineapple. I think it is something about having a sort of handle so to speak.

We are still working on not eating the rind- right girls?

Like mom like daughter. It's all about the accessories.

Now on to bath time. You never know who it is going to be but it seems that each day at least one person fights taking a bath. For a while it was Beckett because he couldn't bring his magazine into the bathtub with him. About once a week Addy poops in the tub so then she is freaked out the next day. The last couple of nights it has been Eloise not wanting to take a bath. That girl can SCREAM. So we get her in and out as fast as possible on these nights so the neighbors don't call CPS on us. But before getting into the tub all the kids turn into a bunch of hooligans running around naked and usually peeing on the floor at some point. Better than the tub. What is it when you take their clothes off they just turn into maniacs? That's probably why they don't get into the tub because I let them run wild for too long. Why would they want to get in the tub when they could be moving potty chairs, tossing toys in the tub, opening and closing the door, squatting on the floor and trying to get into the diaper pail.

This past weekend when my mom was here they were pretending to put one foot outside of the bathroom on the carpet when they were naked. They know they are not supposed to leave the bathroom without a diaper so it was pretty funny to watch them test their limits with one little foot. Actually, it was one little foot but they were making these huge exaggerated steps for effect. I have pictures but a little too revealing for public viewing. But I have no problem posting pics of their cute little bums.

Action shots trying to catch the waterfall courtesy of Daddy.

He's way more fun than Mama.

Now from naked to bundled up. The bitter cold is gone (for now) so we took the kids to the park to play. Beckett took his first step in the snow, fell down, wasn't able to get up and freaked out about the snow. The whole experience was not very much fun for him. They are not used to the whole hat, mittens, snowsuit and boot get up so that and snow was a little too much. You know what a sweaty mess it is to carry around a kid in a slippery snow suit while walking in those boots on a foot of packed snow?
Eloise on the other hand loved the swing so much she almost fell asleep in it.

Addy thought it was okay. She always acts as if things are a little too pedestrian for her unless it is her idea. Or she is doing something super dangerous like this...

A rare family picture.
Right after this Rich carried Beckett the block back to our house and my mom and I stayed at the park with the girls. We could hear him screaming the whole way.

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