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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Champs

These pictures are from Sunday, the day the Packers brought the Lombardi Trophy home. Sad to say but we don't have any Packers clothes for ourselves or the kids so this is the best green and gold I could do. These pictures really have nothing to do with the Packers or the Superbowl but I just wanted to sound like the newscasters and everyone on the TV talking about bringing the trophy home again.
I don't often get pictures of all three playing together but our little natural leader, Addy, was serving food to Beckett and Eloise at the table.

Oops, little tantrum by Beckett when Eloise stole from his plate.

Yumm, this is why I'm so skinny. This is all I eat- fake food.

Love the picture of the girls standing next to each other. So different from each other.

I've taken back control of Addy's hair. Now I mist her hair in the morning with Johnson & Johnson's No More Tangles. It just curls right up with just that touch of moisture and is soo much better. I should have started it a long time ago but I'm not really fond of putting product in kid's hair. I may try just water and see what that does but I'm kind of enjoying her beautiful curls right now. She likes it too. Or actually likes to sit on my lap while I comb and spritz her hair. She thinks it is pretty funny.

Eloise's hair is getting really long in the front and back. Seems the sides aren't growing. I always try to put a barrette in the front because her bangs are really long. Pretty much a totally awesome mullet. But I'm NOT cutting it.
Inevitably when playing at the table, someone ends up sitting on it. I'm just glad they are sitting and not standing. Addy tried to spin circles while standing on it the other day.

Eloise's turn.

Addy supplying the pregame entertainment.

Hey Uncle Isaac, just calling to make sure you are ready for the big game down in Texas.


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