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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just trying to stay busy

I have no patience. It is a terrible thing to say when I have 3 20-month olds at home. So let me rephrase that. I have no patience for waiting on things once I make a decision. We are ready to buy a house but there is nothing on the market that is of interest. Let me rephrase again. I mean nothing on the market of interest in our price range. The good news for us is that housing prices dropped for the 6 straight month but that does not mean anything if there is nothing to buy.
I search the Internet probably twice a day looking for new listings. I do get new listings or price changes in our price range from our agent but I of course need to be doing something about this search. So when we don't have anything planned, I pack the kids in the car with snack traps and juice and we drive around looking for moving vans, For Sale signs and any other signal of a house coming on the market that I don't yet know about. I even know people who live in the neighborhood and I have them on the prowl as well.
It has been great to be renting this winter and taking a break from being a homeowner and calling the office when the garbage disposal is broken or a sliding door got accidentally off the hinge but I'm ready to dive in again. I'm ready for a yard, a garden, and a basement. I'm ready to paint and decorate and keep myself busy doing things other than eating and watching addictive reality TV shows. Anyone else addicted to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
So I try to keep myself busy from obsessing over houses and try to keep the kids entertained in this cold weather at the HEIGHT of RSV season. The CDC surveillance has the state of WI at a 60% positive rate right now which is crazy high. I also look at TX just for kicks and it is about 33%. The season here peaks higher and later than TX but we would probably be under the same restrictions here or there.
I mentioned the hearing tests from last week but we also had a triplet play date! We had a play date with another set of triplets that are 2 days older than mine. I was so excited and yakking so much I forgot to take a picture. We were at their house and it was really fun to watch my kids with a whole room of new toys. They had a little play slide which of course was the first thing they ran to. A bit of a pile up when 4 of the six were either trying to climb up or slide down. As typical at this age, they didn't play too much WITH the other kids but played next to them- parallel play. The funniest thing was Beckett and the bookshelf. I look over and Beckett is sitting next to a book shelf pulling books off, paging through them as fast as he can, throwing the book aside and frantically moving on to the next. It was as though he know he had limited time and was desperate to read each and every book before we left.
The other very exciting event from last week was our show and tell session at school- well that is what we jokingly have been calling it. We brought the kids to a class at UW-Milwaukee that was focused on education for kids birth to three to talk about development with preemies and multiples. The class was already in session when we walked in with the choo-choo wagon. I wasn't sure if the kids would be freaked about 25 people sitting and staring at them but I figured that people stare at them all the time when we are out and about so they are used to it. They were fine until 10 minutes in when Eloise looked up and I think realized where she was and burst out crying. You would never know it from her wild antics at home but initially Addy is shy and clings to us. After about 20 minutes she was running as fast as she could in the front of the room between me and Vicki (the professor) showing off. Just glad she can't get herself undressed yet because she probably would have really put on a show then. I like to talk, it was a great morning adventure and really fun for the kids to run wild in the hallways later so I hope we are invited back.
I totally flaked on taking pictures during all of our really fun activities last week but I managed to snap a few shots during our everyday activities.
Addy eating oranges for dessert after dinner. Dinner was mac n' cheese with spinach.

Beckett eating oranges for dessert after dinner. Looks like he ate A LOT of mac n' cheese with spinach, huh.

Frequently Addy is up from nap way before (sometimes 2 hours) before the other two. And frequently, she requires a whole new set of clothes at some point during the day due to excessive water and juice drinking. She can soak through a diaper in less than two hours. I think at this point she just wakes up because she knows she gets 1 on 1 time or maybe even time with both Rich and I. Look at that smirk.

After nap snack. Eloise has on 3 layers and Addy has on a diaper. I love this picture because of the baby dolls and the motorcycles.

Eloise- lovies are not toys. Please put them down and play with something. Anything.

I really need to either consistently pull her hair back or just get it cut. It looks so ridiculous. To be fair, she just finished eating and without fail rubs food on her head at some point during the meal. I also really need to start limiting lovie time to naps, night time and injury/insult. We have 9 in the house and I would guess she has about 6 here.

Much better. But this is a prime example why these lovies smell so bad. I try a rotational schedule of washing but they really need to be soaked in something. These last few pictures are why Eloise sometimes smells like a lovie herself.

The Lego Duplo blocks are a huge hit at our house right now. Rich is such a good role model and teacher for making dinosaur/tower/car/house with window creations.

Really Addy, you are going to make one that tall? Don't let Eloise knock it down!

Every few days Beckett seems to have a new obsession. This week it is using the bulldozer to dump stuff into the dump truck- which by the way is totally frustrating because one is like 7 times larger than the other. Last week it was this little bus. He would bring it to me, point inside, urgently talk, point, show it to me again and on and on. I'm not sure what the problem is but he is not happy about something with this bus.

What is it Beckett? The driver is texting? Kids are playing with the emergency exit? Someone is eating a booger? The doors don't open so they are all locked inside? What?

Constantly on the lookout for dogs, garbage trucks, and snow plows. Even snowblowers are good material these days. They can hear a rumbling of a truck and take off for the window.

Time to go upstairs for bath and bed. Beckett SPRINTS to the stairs and tries to climb and claw his way upstairs because he knows what is awaiting in the nursery. His passy. The least favorite word at our house right now and one that Rich and I have started to S P E L L so we don't remind him of it. We are painfully back to a passy only at nap and bedtime. Lovies are next on the list. Poor Eloise.

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