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Friday, February 4, 2011

If you get nauseous over puke stories- skip this one

Thought I'd give fair warning because I know not everyone likes bodily function stories as much as I do.
Last night we had very short baths or really none at all because Addy had a massive explosion in the bathtub before everyone could get scrubbed up. Lately she seems to have gotten over her fear of poop in the bathroom. Any sort of lint or strand of hair is still dangerous but she really loves the bath. But last night was a different story. I don't know who was more scared, Addy or Rich. He started yelling and scooped Eloise out and scared her so much she cried for 20 minutes. Beckett loves poop in the tub. He likes to stand by the bathroom door and point and tell anyone who will listen about the poop in the tub, in his own language of course.
I don't really care that they didn't get clean because they are not really dirty but it is just an annoying addition to my nightly cleaning to add all of the bath toys and bath mat. And once I start cleaning the tub I end up cleaning and organizing their bathroom. I know, my fault, nothing to do with the poop.
So last night I headed up to bed around 11:30 and as soon as I got about half-way up the stairs my stomach sank. I could smell puke.
When I looked into the kid's room I could see Beckett sitting up in his crib and from the light of my phone I could see his crib was a total mess. Poor kid was covered in wet and dried puke as was the entire length and width of his crib. I stripped off his sleeper and pajamas and brought him into our room to get a good look at him meanwhile he still hasn't made a peep. Oh my goodness. The whole back of his head was matted dried puke. I got Rich up and we tag teamed cleaned him up eventually putting him in the shower.
I stripped off his sheets and mattress pad but it still smelled in the room so I ended up pulling out the mattress and wiping that down. I won't get too graphic but there was at least two meals on the sheets. I had to scrape everything off before I put it in the wash machine. From what I could make up from the scene I think he got sick a few times earlier in the night and went back to sleep. We have baby monitors on in two rooms and neither Rich nor I heard anything. He didn't cry at all. I'd still be crying if I was covered in that much puke.
From the smell I knew there was still puke all over in there but every time I went in, Addy would sit up and look at me and I didn't want to risk having two kids awake in the middle of the night so I figured cleaning his crib was sufficient and would see the rest of the damage in the morning. While I was cleaning Beckett kept trying to go back into his room, I think to go back to sleep.
I wanted to put him back in his room to sleep but Rich thought that was a bad idea. We have a pack n' play in our bedroom where Addy naps so we tried to put him in there but he wouldn't have that. He ended up sleeping in bed with us which probably hasn't happened since they were really little and eating in middle of the night. It was a tight squeeze with 2 adults, 2 dogs and 1 toddler in a queen bed. Not a terribly restful night but I think he was pretty happy up until about 5 am at which time he would only wanted to be held and that is when it seemed that he had a fever.
When the girls got up I checked out the rest of the damage and he got puke on 2 walls, Addy's crib and sheets, the carpet and dripping down one wall into the air return vent.
He had a fever of 99.5 which quickly went away with Tylenol and no more vomit. Beckett did spend much of the day either on the floor with a blanket and pillow, on Rich's lap reading books or crying because he wasn't on a lap. It was a long day for everyone but we got two packages in the mail from Aunt Laura with presents which helped. Beckett now walks around playing the harmonica and even felt well enough to chase Addy and try to steal the recorder she was playing. Can you tell we got musical instruments?
All day Rich and I kept thinking we were smelling puke. Rich even thought his Chipotle burrito smelled. After Beckett's shower AND bath tonight, his head is still stinky. How many baths is it going to take to get rid of the smell? I had to wash the sheets, mattress pads, lovies and stuffed animals twice. I assumed he was the same. Guess not.
So that is it. Our first real puking incident. It wasn't terrible and could have been much worse. I think the anticipation of waiting and knowing that this would happen one day was worse. Actually, the worst part was during the day because we all were tired (except the girls) and knowing that he didn't feel good and trying to make him more comfortable. He ate a little dinner and drank tons of juice so I think he is on the mend. I probably should have given him something like non-staining apple juice rather than blueberry in case we have a repeat...
-One last thing, sorry no pictures this week, I left my camera at my Dad's house. You probably wouldn't want to see pictures of this anyway.

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