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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pots and Pans

There are two cabinet doors without child safety locks in the kitchen. One is a narrow but tall space empty space the kids like to crawl in and close the door behind them. The other is the door where my pots and pans are stored. They like to take the pots and pans and drop them from a distance to make loud noises. Good times. My intention was to record all of the noise but what I ended up with was not only the typical noise at our house but also the typcial chattering, silliness and of course the fighting.
Sorry it is so long- 3 minutes- but I don't know how to edit it.
Some highlights that I find so hysterical and perfect displays of their personalities are:
-Eloise is playing by herself, ignoring the other two and enamored with herself in the reflection of the oven with a lovie in her mouth (always)
-Addy scampering around, stutter steps and is picking up pot lids with her mouth. It is a little unusual for her to try and steal something from Beckett. Normally the other way around.
-Beckett can turn anything into a truck or a place to sit and starts to put the animal magnets from the fridge into the pot. Hoarding the animal magnets is very popular. They get pushed around in the stroller, put on plates and carried, put into dump trucks and pushed- whatever. Some days I look at the fridge and they are ALL gone. Usually takes a while to round them all up which of course I have to- you know the whole Effective Play theory.
One final note- does Beckett EVER stop talking?

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