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Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Superhero

This post is a little old but I've been very busy... well not busy so much as not motivated to do too much. Kind of a combination of the winter blahs and cabin fever. But I've perked up a little bit now that the Packers won the Superbowl, spring is around the corner (yeah right, we probably have 3 more months of cold), it is time to start house shopping and we started to plan our summer vacation. So back on track.

Two weekends ago my Dad and Bambi had a family party for Oliver's birthday. At that age it is hard to pick which is your favorite- Star Wars or Superheros so his party was a combo of both. He had spent the weekend at Papa and Bambi's and when Sarah and Jim showed up for the party he started to cry because he thought they were bringing him home and he hadn't had his "party with my cousins yet!" So sweet. I think he is over wanting to send them back to Texas.

At our house the kids sit in a feeding table but at Papa and Bambi's they sit in booster seats at the table with everyone else. They are also not used to a table with a tablecloth and the table being set. That's probably why Beckett is peering over the table to figure out what is going on.
I know, sounds like we live like a bunch of animals at our house. The truth is that they they eat in the kitchen at the feeding table, we eat at a different time and we only have a little tiny table in the dining room because the rest of our furniture is in storage. When we move we are going to have to change our eating schedule AND get a new table where the whole family can eat without fear of ruining chairs or scratching the table. That is code for we are going to have to sell our dining room furniture that I spent months looking for. I actually was thinking we were going to have to move to booster seats and trays immediately because they are pretty close to each other in the feeding table and Addy was always getting picked on with hair pulling and poking. I've since changed up the seating arrangements and now the middle person is no longer assaulted.
At Papa's when they catch sight of the booster seats around a real table they think it is time to eat and want in immediately. Sometimes before every one else is ready.

After dinner was the big show. Four years old is a great age for birthdays.

Good choice, one of each kind.

Beckett can be an extremely picky eater and Rich and I are a little concerned that is is not really gaining any weight. We had no idea he liked cake and ice cream. Most of the food he prefers are what I call diet food- things like peas, black olives, cucumbers, rice and juice.His lack of ability to gain weight comes from Rich but his ability to throw back a few pieces of cake with ice cream comes from me.Who cares that he didn't eat any real food. I eat cake and ice cream for dinner as often as possible

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