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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hold over pictures

I've been trying to finish this post for three days but keep getting distracted and now something is wrong with my computer which is where all of my pictures are stored. Because I was having so many problems I decided to back up my computer to my external harddrive and my whole computer shut down in middle of that. Soooo, this may be some of the last pictures until I can figure out what is going on.
My mom was here this weekend and of course had to take naked bath pictures. It is realy hard to get good pictures in the bath because of the angle so we solved that problem by taking pictures of the kids running around outside of the bathtub. I don't know what it is. You take their clothes off and they just go wild. But these few pics will have to suffice until I can get my poor sick computer back on the mend.

Beckett pouring tea, not for, but ON Addy.

Eloise brushing hair. This girl needs to worry about her own hair because it is getting so long. All of the pictures of Eloise this weekend had hair hanging in her eyes. It is just hard to keep barettes in her hair with 30 curious fingers around.

Toddlers love ketchup so why not baby dolls? He wishes I would give him a bottle of ketchup.

I like when all three play together in tight quarters without fighting. When they are well rested with full tummies they are pretty tolerant of one another with sharing and don't get worked up if someone gets stepped on or bumped. Usually looks like this after lunch and after dinner.

Oh my life would but just a tad easier if Addy would just nap as long as the other two. A few days a week she does not nap at all, a few days she might nap an hour or maybe 1.5 hours and very rarely she will nap up to 3 hours like Eloise and Beckett. Because of that she gets lots of one-on-one time with me and many more afternoon snacks that the other two. The dogs will follow any child with that has a snack. They are pretty good about just sitting and waiting and sniffing. Unfortunatly the kids have figured out that feeding the dogs their leftover snacks is fun which just encourages the pugs to hunt down leftovers.

Okay, this picture of Pickles was staged. There is no way that sweet little old dog could hoist herself on the table. She could barely get her paws down. Pickles is Beckett's favorite. Anytime his is giving out kisses he runs to find Pickles and gives her one as well.
There is a love-hate relationship between Eloise and the pugs. She likes to feed them when she is done with her snack but if they come even close to her when food is around that she wants she screams, swats and kicks. I didn't even know I captured just that in the picture below. The kids were pulling my rain boots around on these little wagons and I thought it was pretty cute how they just left them standing up in middle of the floor. If you look really close you can see Eloise swatting at Bella with a magazine in the background.

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