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Saturday, April 2, 2011

So helpful

Remember on Wednesday that I said Addy had not been napping and I was pretty sure instead of napping she was ripping up magazines? Yep that is what she was doing.

Notice Beckett sleeping?

He is the only one who napped that day. When I finally went in to get Addy after an hour and 15 minutes she had thrown all kinds of stuff out of her crib and both Addy and Eloise were awake. So that was a step backwards. Only one of three napping.
The girls kept themselves very busy that day though. They helped me sort through the baskets of plastic containers, bibs and washcloths. It was extremely helpful (not!) that they took out all the clean washcloths and wiped/cleaned our stinky, stinky dog Pickles with each one. Poor old blind Pickles is so stinky that sometimes we go around smelling diapers trying to figure out who smells so bad and then realize that Pickles is sleeping close by. So the girls had the right idea but it just meant more laundry for me. With as much as I do 30 washcloths don't really make much of a difference.

They can't get themselves dressed yet but they THINK they can by putting things like washcloths, bibs, shirts, socks, whatever under their chins and walking around with no hands.
Love this picture of the girls huddling over a basket of plastic containers. Concerned about all the missing lids? Yeah, me too.

Beckett has become quite the little helper as well. Besides being an avid sweeper (you can see his two different styles of brooms in the previous pictures) he now has added wiping the table to his repertoire. Sometimes he even goes around wiping down the cabinets, the floor, the dogs, his sisters... So helpful.

After all of the hard work it is time for a proper afternoon tea. Cream or sugar anyone?

One more thing. I don't know if she is growing, bored or needs a watch so she knows that it is not time to eat but every time, and I mean EVERY TIME I step foot into the kitchen to do something, Addy follows me, climbs up on a chair or buckles herself in the booster seat and yells for food but mostly yells for cheese.She gets a lot of cheese. How could you resist a face (or curls) like this?

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