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Monday, April 11, 2011

Crash, Bang, Boom

Given the last post about Mr. Beckett tumbling from crib to crib, bet you thought this was about him? Well, he has had a few good tumbles. Just a few minutes ago when they were supposed to be napping I went in there because he was crying- this was about 30 minutes after I put them down. Every single last stuffed animal was in his crib and he was lying on top of them. I'm not even sure there was any mattress showing. He was crying because he dropped his passy on the floor between Addy and Eloise's cribs during the collection process. He also had a couple of mattress/sheet burns on his forehead from collecting all of the animals. Poor Eloise was curled up in the corner of her crib sucking on a lovie quietly crying. Eloise has 3 animals that she always sleeps with- a little Pooh Bear, a panda bear and a goat. Beckett was lying on top of all 3 in his crib. Once I redistributed the animals and crawled under the cribs to get the passy for Beckett, they finally went to sleep.
So this is not really about the big bangs and crashes coming from the cribs at naptime. It is about my camera. My camera took a little tumble down the stairs. I'm just sick to my stomach about it. This is the kind of stuff that happens with 3 wild hooligans running around. I'm just hoping it will be an easy and cheap fix. Yeah right.
Prior to "The Fall" my mom was in town so we met my sister Sarah, her son, Oliver and her husband Jim at Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The louder, the busier, the crazier, the better my kids do at restaurants so this really fit the bill. Eloise didn't stop eating for an hour and was pointing at food and drinks at the table next to us that she wanted. Addy was in heaven with her cousin Oliver and a plate of nachos, pasta, bananas, bread, grilled cheese, french fries, salad and what looks like a pat of butter. I'm one of those people at a restaurant that looks at the dessert menu before ordering my meal. How much/what I order is entirely based on what I am going to have for dessert. If it is my choice, I choose restaurants based on the dessert menu. I love sushi but generally steer away from sushi restaurants because of the quality of the dessert. Rich knows that if we go for sushi we need to plan a second stop for dessert. This may come as a shocker given my appetite for sugar but I'm not a big cheesecake eater so I was thrilled with the many, many options for dessert. I would have picked chocolate cake but the kids can't eat chocolate so lemon cake it was. What a surprising hit. Or maybe the whipped cream was the hit? Look at this kid. My kids just adore Oliver and follow right behind him in everything he does. We walked around after dinner and Beckett followed Oliver step for step, move for move, swinging around a tree, stepping on a bag of cement, looking in a window and so on. Like a little shadow. The next morning it was supposed to be in the 80's so we took the kids to the playground by the lake. It was still pretty chilly and foggy but what was amazing was that by the time we left an hour later all the fog was burned off and almost 80 degrees. You can see that as the pictures progress it gets less and less foggy and the camera is more and more broken :( From the swings you can only see the boats in the background- no Milwaukee skyline. Love, love, love this picture of my boys. I'm trying to show Addy that she can just brush her hands off and she does not need them washed if she falls down. Hmm, wonder why they are freaked out about handwashing????? Ahh, now you can see the super high Milwaukee skyscrapers. Addy wanted down to run, Beckett wanted to throw rocks and sticks in the water and Eloise wanted to be held because she was afraid of the sand. Can't wait for this summer to relax on the beach... Get a good look. This may be the last pictures for a while until I can figure out what is going on with the camera. Actually, don't look too close. I need to burn those pants and get myself a full length mirror in the house.

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