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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Same old, same old

We are just chugging along here, same old, same old thing. Still looking for a house, still struggling with naps and the weather is still cold. For example this is from Sunday.

It was not snow but hail. All of this hail came down in about 10 minutes just pelting the windows.

Sunday we finally got out with the kids as everyone was recovered from their colds. It was just a little trip to Target but to go somewhere and start to feel a little normal again, well as normal as we get, makes a huge difference. We also went to dinner with my dad on Sunday night which was our first real difficult restaurant experience with the kids. We were at a Mexican restaurant and dipping things is really popular during meals right now. The girls kept dipping their chips in the salsa and taking these huge bites. I figured they would learn their lesson from the heat because taking away the little bowl just caused even more drama. They didn't seem to mind it. Trouble started when Addy had it on her hands and rubbed her eyes. Then the jalapenos on the table were cut like long pickles and Eloise must have thought it was a pickle she grabbed it and went in for the kill. In slow motion, Rich grabbed it from her yelling, "NOOOOOOOOO..." Just in time to save it from her mouth but it startled her and she lost it. She ended up eating the rest of the meal on Rich's lap but that started the downhill slide. The restaurant only had 3 highchairs and we had all 3 so partway through the meal I offered Eloise's chair to the hostess to give to another family. When Eloise saw "her" chair being toted away, meltdown #2 ensued. Check please!
I'm sure people are tired of hearing about the napping issue but it truly rules how easy or difficult the rest of day goes. Now that Addy is all well, she is napping again. Not as long as I would like, only for 1.5 hours or so but at least she is napping. But, yesterday Eloise refused to nap. I finally went to get her after 45 minutes, Addy woke up 30 minutes later and Beckett didn't wake up for another 2 hours. So that is part of the challenge. I have 1 or sometimes 2 children awake and playing for a few hours and by the time the 3rd wakes up the first two are bored and want to go somewhere or do something but it is too close to start making dinner to go anywhere. That is where the day gets really long. The time between 4 and 5:30 can be nuts. I'm hoping that when we move we can spend that time outdoors in the yard.
Speaking of that, still looking for a house and it is driving me nuts. It has now been a year that we have kind of been living in limbo. I am ready to be settled, unpack these boxes and just get on with it! My big dream was that we would be in a house and settled by the time the kids turn 2 and have their 2nd birthday party at the new house but it doesn't look like that is going to happen unless we find something pretty quickly. But I'm very busily cutting out pictures from decorating magazines to get ready for our new house that is going to be oh so beautifully and meticulously decorated. Yeah right. That in itself is kind of a joke because I've come to the conclusion that investing money in anything nice at this point is a total waste of money. Between the kids and the dogs, everything pretty much gets destroyed. So we are probably going to have to sell a few things that are currently in storage like say our cream linen dining room chairs. I think they wouldn't even survive a week...

Especially since snack time now involves dogs, stuffed and real.

Speaking of new houses, I think a doll house is in store for the girls for their birthday. Addy just loves, loves, loves this dollhouse at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Hmm, for some reason I don't think a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired dollhouse is in the budget.

Addy loves the dollhouse but they ALL love the hallways. I understand the museum is not a children's gym. We are on our way to see the art. Yeah, that's right.

On your marks- get set- GO!!!!

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