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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess they are born with it

My computer is in the shop getting fixed so I've been without a computer for a few days. It is truly amazing how much mindless time I spend on the Internet and how much more I can get done when I'm not incessantly searching for houses or decorating ideas for the new house I don't have yet.
I even had enough time to think ahead a few days and wonder how in the world my kids are going to know to pick up eggs on the Easter egg hunt. I figured they would need a little coaching on the finer points of picking up eggs and putting them in the basket so I set up a little practice session this afternoon with their afternoon snacks in the eggs (Cheerios and Goldfish). I figured the practice would need to be in a space where they would not be distracted to really understand the concept of hunting and gathering. So I gated off the upstairs hallway for the session and lined the hallway with 18 eggs.
Also, they need to be incredibly skilled because they are going against a 4-year old who has a couple more hunts under his belt and I wanted to be sure they put in a top performance. I demonstrated with one egg, ran the 4 steps to the end of the hallway and by the time I unlocked my phone and hit the record, this is all that was left...

Guess hunting and gathering eggs is an innate behavior and does not need to be taught or practiced. I don't think the stealing, ummm Eloise, is necessarily an innate behavior but more of a multiples' survival skill. I'm just a little worried about what is going to happen on Sunday now that they know the contents are edible. I have a feeling they will collect one, sit down and eat the contents and move on to the next egg. In which case, they will get schooled by their older cousin.
Hmm, might have to set up another practice session tomorrow. If Rich does two workouts a day then certainly his offspring can do one a day to gear up for the big game. Might need to add a few obstacles like laundry baskets and taping the eggs shut to really tune up their fine and gross motor skills.
See, too much time on my hands...

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