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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Whole New Level

Alright, this napping thing just got taken to a whole new level by my best sleeper- Mr. Beckett. I have all three cribs lined up and the order goes Eloise, Addy then Beckett. Addy naps in our room but sleeps in the middle crib at night. Take a look at this picture from my phone that I snapped when I went in to get Eloise and Beckett from their nap. Can you see the problem?

When I put them down to nap, the middle crib was empty. When I went in to get them, it was occupied by the little monkey, Mr. Beckett. I then witnessed him flip himself between the cribs many times landing on his head. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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  1. Welcome to my life. So sorry! It's a long road. This lead to mattresses on the floor for us, which has led to many of sleepless nights and naps, but things are improving slowly. Crib tents? I didn't try them. Maybe I should have.