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Monday, April 18, 2011

This is getting Ree-diculous, per Rich

Today is it snowing/sleeting again. Along with the snow yesterday I think Rich is about ready to pack up all of his speedos, bike shorts and running tights and jump the first plane back to Texas. We'll be back in August for his sister's wedding so I think he will get his fill of 90 to 100 degree heat then. Congratulations Laura, can't wait!
As for me, the weather doesn't bother me too much. It would bother me more if we had a yard for the kids to play in or we were in a house and I was ready to start gardening but for now, just more the same in our daily routine. I just hope it warms up enough on Sunday for an egg hunt and the girls can wear their new skirts I just got in the mail today. But I do love cold weather clothes. Not the cold weather but the clothes. I love layers, hats and boots and honestly was quite tickled that I got to wear all 3 this afternoon on my jaunt to the pharmacy.
Speaking of pharmacy, looks like we are all healthy again over here. Addy had a fever over the weekend with no other symptoms. Just a really high fever- 104 rectal (sorry darling- it is the most accurate method) but has since recovered and luckily none of the others in the house caught it. We took her in to the pedi yesterday just because her fever was so high and it looks like she had a virus that they have seen a lot of in the office. Just a short high fever and done.
Because of her fever she missed going to breakfast and the nature center with my dad and Bambi on Sunday. When we got to the nature center Eloise had an episode similar to the zoo episode where she was scared of the animals and refused to be put down. You should have seen the little monkey clinging to Bambi. And the only live animals they have are a couple of turtles and a fish. The rest are stuffed but that was enough. Hope she gets over this soon because it is going to start limiting the places I can take the trio by myself because she can be a handful
Addy had a pajama day on Sunday which I think we should institute more often. She stayed in her pajamas and didn't even get her hair brushed. Big mistake. One day of not brushing for her means some mad snarled hair the next day which almost required the scissors. See...

Do they know the lens is missing? Or is that the look they are going for?

Looks a driver just hanging out waiting for a fare...

Found one. Probably delivering her to the couch for her hourly back massage. So sweet, she probably will pay him in lovies which is usually what they push around in the strollers.

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