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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Week at the Newman House

Lots of firsts so I'll just jump right in.
The first big one was on Father's Day...
Eloise started to crawl! At our last pedi visit there was some talk about getting her into therapy because of possible developmental delays. I said I didn't think she needed it and she is going to crawl and do things on her own schedule and we could hold off on therapy as long as she is progressing. I also think it was partially my fault that she wasn't progressing as quickly as the doctors would have liked and I was even warned about it. Because she is the "little one" I was warned that I may have the tendency to do things for her rather than let her figure things out for herself. I'm sure that was happening. The only reason I think she started to crawl was because I purposefully stopped coming to her rescue the minute she fell over or didn't like her positioning.
What do you know, she started to crawl AND pull herself up to standing AND starting to "cruise" or standing and move hold onto furniture this past week.
Prior to that I could tell she would get frustrated because she would cry until you helped her stand and then walk pushing the dump truck until she hit a wall (15 seconds later) and then cry until you turned her around just to hit the opposite wall 15 seconds later. It was kind of funny but entirely exhausting. She is so much happier now and much more interactive with the other two. She also is able to stand up for herself a little better because because she couldn't get away when someone was harassing her or trying to steal a toy. She has always been a very happy baby but now she is just ecstatic and screams with joy to play, to find a new toy, see her siblings, get up in the morning, see the pugs, the list goes on and on.

The new toy that we got today was a shopping cart. They love anything with wheels, anything they can put things into and anything that they can stand playing with. They also love to try to drink out of anything. Here is Eloise trying to drink the maple syrup that came in the shopping cart.

Here is the 2nd big first...
Rich FOUND and USED a screwdriver (see in the background?).

He put the shopping cart together. I was totally impressed. He even put the screwdriver away where he found it. Be still my beating heart.

The 3rd big first...
Addy started to WALK!

Not a great picture but I'll explain more about that in a minute. She had been standing by herself for a few weeks and would get scared when she would take a step. Yesterday she took a few steps without even thinking about it and then today she just kind of took off. And she usually has something in her hand like a washcloth (for cleaning) or her socks or her sippy cup which is really cute. She is still holding on to things most of the time and prefers to crawl but I think her max right now is 8 or 10 steps.

I can't leave out my little boy. Beckett is still being his curious, stubborn and funny little self.

He is crazy about wheels, doors, banana pudding and stealing toys (worst offender). He is so busy all of the time doing stuff like trying to push toys through the gate, opening and closing things (IE, doors, books), and flipping things over and looking underneath or playing with the wheels.

Beckett is also our big hugger. He will crawl past you and stop to snuggle for about 20 seconds and then wiggle back down and go along his merry way.
Another favorite past time is to try to shake down the gate.

This actually was a first for him today. He pushed this from the other side of the room and I think was trying to ram down the gate with the walker. It's a new jailbreak strategy.

And the last big news is that I got a new camera. My mom and brother bought a totally awesome SLR camera for the triplet's birthday. I love getting presents on other people's birthday. For the first time in my life I'm going to sit down and read an owner's manual because I'm so excited to be able to finally take decent pictures. This post was the first with pictures from my new camera. Even without knowing what I'm doing yet and no eye for this kind of thing, I can see a huge difference in the quality of pictures. Like the following picture that I would not have been able to take on my old point and click.
I was taking a picture of Eloise and caught Rich hanging Addy upside down in the background.

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