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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Washington DC- Day One

Luckily the hotel has 3 cribs. The story about the cribs is kind of funny. We had requested 3 cribs in advance but were told there are only 3 cribs in the whole hotel and they can't be reserved, it is a first come first serve. I guess we were the first to check in because we got 3 the cribs and the rest of the weekend, everyone with kids would say to me, "So you're the one with all the cribs!" The hotel ended up having to rent extra cribs for the rest of the guests. Sorry for being the crib hog!

The kids LOVED the hotel. I've mentioned before that the layout of our house is not ideal for kids but this hotel was and they were in heaven. They would crawl from one room to the next, play with the stroller, try to lick the nightlights and found toilet paper for the first time.
I managed to take a picture of our lovely room before it got trashed with toys and cribs.

Our room had this fantastic blue velvet curved couch and the kids loved crawling on it.

I'll just say it now. I couldn't even start thinking about the germs they were exposed to. Just looking at these pictures now freaks me out but I had prepared myself that there was nothing to be done and they were having such a blast I just had to go with it.

The location of the wedding could not be beat. We were 2 blocks from the White House and 2 blocks from the National Mall. The White House was our first stop. You have no idea how hard it was to get this picture. There were so many people, 4-6 people deep, but luckily triplets are apparently as interesting as the White House so people got out of our way and even offered to take our picture. This one woman was very insistent on getting our picture just perfect and was showing us how to pose. I had this vision of the National Lampoon's European Vacation scene where someone runs off with the camera in a similar situation. I told Rich that and he said, "Do you think they could out run me?" Good point.

We walked around the Washington Monument and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Or actually, it was bottle time and I did my best to keep them on schedule. We didn't take any pictures of the babies at the Washington Monument because we were just a few blocks away and I figured we would get some the next day. Big mistake.

For dinner that night we took 2 cabs (remember 3 adults and 3 car seats) to my Uncle Bob's and Aunt Rose's house for dinner and to finally introduce the triplets to my extended family.

Here is my Grandma holding Addy with Aunt JoJo, Uncle Isaac and Grandpa. My Aunt Joanne had met the triplets when she came to help out when they were so little back in September.

Love this picture of Addy and my Grandma, just wish Addy wasn't sucking on her bunny so you can see her face.

Addy sat on my Grandpa's lap and feed him Veggie Stix for about 45 minutes.

Melly (the BRIDE), Aunt Joanne, Grandma and me. Do I look like a giant or what?

Just like the adults hanging out on the couch.

I love this picture. This picture pretty much sums up much of the night because I was such a chatty Katie catching up and talking with people that I hadn't seen in so long, Rich had to wrangle the kids much of night. Thanks hon!

Our plan was to take cabs back to the hotel but I forgot what a nightmare it is to try and get a cab pick up on Friday night in the rain. Thanks Joanne for driving us back. My dad and Bambi were at the hotel waiting for us to say hi to the babies because they hadn't seen them in several months. It was about 10 or 10:30 at this point, much past their bedtime but I was insistent that we had to wake them up, give them a little sponge bath and put them in their pajamas. Talk about screaming. They had been up since 5 am and they were done. I just couldn't put them to bed wearing the same clothes they had all day and on the plane. We finally got them to bed at 11 and Rich and I fell into bed exhausted.

Only to be waken up 5 times by Mr. Beckett and once each by the girls. This started a cycle with Mr. Beckett at night that we still can't break. He only wants to sleep in bed with us now. Won't go to sleep without us and is furious if he wakes up and he is in his own crib. Uggg.

After such a restful night, Day Two started in the most unpleasant way...

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