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Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Typical

The main activities for almost 1 year olds are eating, sleeping and playing with playing being the number one priority for them. Sleeping is my number one priority for them but since sleeping pictures are pretty boring and they don't do it too often anyway these days, here are some pictures from just one of our typical days with the triplets doing what they do best.

Addy lounging in the toy basket before breakfast with Beckett harassing her.

Beckett trying to crawl in the toy basket with Addy. These two are inseparable, probably because they are the only ones who can crawl.

All of the babies grouped around the same toy and Beckett sitting back to back with one of his sisters (does this all the time).

All of the babies grouped around the same toy- again.

Grouped around the same toy, and now Addy pushed it forward flattening Eloise onto her back. You can see Beckett looking at her and waiting to see if she is going to cry because he would then also.

Addy sitting the basket of books trying to pull down the curtains with Beckett close by.

Eloise happy as a clam, most likely either sorting socks or taking legos one by one out of the dump truck.

Addy completely insulted, probably because of something Beckett did. Best part is that she stop crying instantly if you wrestle with her or give her a remote control with only one battery. Rich figured out this makes it light up but won't do anything else.

All hanging out in a crib together while I was trying to organize their closet. They usually like to "help" me when it involves baskets of clothes, or socks, or diapers or frankly anything in a container that can be emptied but I don't always need their kind of help.

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