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Friday, June 4, 2010

Washington DC- Day Two

Our first night in DC was anything but restful. It was maybe 8 in the morning and I was half sleeping on the bed feeding Eloise a bottle and Rich said that I had to come into the living room to see what Beckett did. What a start to the day.

Beckett had the biggest blowout in his pants I had ever seen. It took two of us to clean him up and ended up just putting in the sink for a good soak. We had to throw away his pajamas. There was no way I was going to rinse those out and haul those around for a few days. What a mess.

Our good friends, Alex and Shannon came to visit us with their son Caleb. It was so good to see them. Just like old times except we have three kids and they have one and one on the way. Shannon is 24 weeks pregnant and she looked so beautiful. I'm disappointed I didn't get pictures. This is the only picture I took- Eloise eating a pickle.

It was so sweet to see all of the kids playing together and sad to say good-bye to them. We miss you guys!!!!

Then my sister Sarah, her husband Jim and son Oliver finally got to meet the babies! We walked along the Mall and to the Washington Monument and Sarah got to experience firsthand the chaos that ensues walking with the babies.
We tried to get some pictures of the 3 kids, not the triplets, but Sarah, Isaac and I.

Oliver is a total hoot. When he saw the camera, he had to get in the picture. It is downright scary to look at pictures of Oliver when he was Beckett's age. Do you want to know what Beckett is going to look like at age 3? Blow up the pictures and look at the beautiful little blond boy.

Again, no pictures of babies in front of monuments. I figured we had a few more days so I wasn't sweating it. What's strange is that I normally take tons of pictures but I was really out of sorts. At home we are very scheduled, everything is in it's place and I know what is happening next. This trip was totally different from our regular days which was hard mostly because I wasn't sure how the babies were going to react.
This is pretty typical of most of our time at the hotel. Addy got into and emptied the diaper bag, Beckett is trying to open a packet of crackers and Eloise is eating a bottle on her favorite couch and they all are in various stages of undress.

Did I mention that I was washing bottles in the bathroom sink? The first night we went through 12 bottles in 12 hours.

But Rich and I were able to get away for a couple of hours to the rehearsal dinner. Again, no picture. We left the babies with 2 sitters.

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