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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

What do you do in TX when it is 90+ degrees for days on end? Eat BBQ and swim.
We started off the Father's Day weekend by checking out a new BBQ restaurant. If you haven't noticed we go to a lot of BBQ- mainly because it is casual, no one cares if the babies make a mess and I like anything with sauce. Not to mention the babies like to eat the free things like pickles, crackers, bread and at this place BEANS! Funny thing is that you put some BBQ sauce on all of that and that is pretty much what I eat too. Originally we were going to sit outside because it was crowded and we weren't sure we could find a place for the stroller/car seats/highchairs but when the thermometer said 100 degrees on the patio, we headed back inside. Like I've said before, it is all of the gear that causes a scene, not the babies themselves. People just kind of watch us gather 3 highchairs, wipe them down, wipe down the table, then strap all 3 in and try to find a place for the stroller/car seats out of the way then finally sit down to eat.
Like I said, totally casual is the best for us.
One if Rich's favorite flavors is banana and Beckett must have gotten the same gene because he got his first taste of banana pudding and loved it. Beckett loved it so much that he howled at the top of his lungs when it was gone. We thought that was funny but I'm sure other people didn't think so.

Our nanny, Maria, gave the babies a baby pool for their birthday and since the only thing you can do outside during the day in this heat is swim, we decided to try it out. First we blew it up in the playroom on Saturday night which they thought was so much fun. Then after lunch on Sunday we had our first family swim.

I'm not sure why this kid is always eating sunscreen. I slathered them in so much sunscreen the water in the baby pool turned cloudy.

We would put two babies in the baby pool and take turns taking a third into the adult pool. We originally put all three in the baby pool but Beckett crawled right out so the boys went into the adult pool while the girls hung out together.
Bella the pug was out with us as well and Bella thought the baby pool was a huge bowl of drinking water but Addy would cry anytime Bella took a drink. It was kind of humorous.

Beckett would scream with joy when Rich would pop up from under the water.

I took Addy the little fish into the big pool while the other two hung out together.

- No pictures of me with Addy because Rich had the camera and I have some great shots of the top of my head.


Mr. B

(Forgot to mention that we had our first "Time out" this week. It was Mr. Beckett. What a stubborn and determined little guy.)


This picture is more representative of my kids. Addy is laughing and making faces, Beckett is about to throw a temper tantrum because I wanted him to stay put and not crawl out and Eloise is drinking water. She drank so much water that a few hours later her diaper almost fell off it was so soaked.

A few minutes later I had Addy in the big pool and I kept thinking that something smelled funny. Then I remembered that the "Little Swimmers" are just really for "catching the chunks" as my neighbor Suzanne pointed out to me last week. What a mess.
Do you know impossible it is to get a wet swimsuit back on a wiggling wild beast? It was easier to just leave it off after that. I figured she didn't need another diaper; the damage was already done.

Of course I didn't think to get a Father's Day picture until everyone was tired and hungry and naked so this was not the traditional Father's Day photo but it is typical for us. Babies crying, naked, wiggling and Rich trying to juggle them. He legs look so freakishly long that it reminded me of another picture when the babies first came home. This picture totally cracks me up every time I look at it. Absolutely love it.

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