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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Really Long Vacation

I don't think it has sunk in that we are really living in Milwaukee. I feel like we are on a really long vacation. I'm not sure why, maybe I need to stop living out of my cosmetic bag, maybe it is the glorious weather or maybe it is that after 2 1/2 years of weekly traveling, Rich is home for several weeks.
I did a bunch of unpacking but we still have 3 rooms that are just kind of junked up with boxes and things we don't know what to do with. I've reached a plateau with the unpacking because now things are livable but we don't have any art on the walls or any sort of decorations up. It's hard to want to decorate knowing that in a few months I have to pack it all up again. Also, it is finally time to admit it and I'm posting this in middle out of context in the hopes that no one reads it but putting it in writing makes it real so here it goes...I'm never going to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again so basically my entire wardrobe is going either to a consignment store or Goodwill. It's a shame because I have some really beautiful things but at this point I just love my cake and chips and flavored iced coffee and yoga pants too much to give it all up for a couple of slinky dresses and tight jeans. There. Done.

Now to the more important things like football! I dressed the kids up to watch the Texas vs. OU football game on Saturday. It was a little touch and go around here for a few hours when Rich thought that the game was not going to be on locally but we were able to watch it. For a little while anyway before it was too depressing and we switched over to the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State game for Uncle Bill. Thanks to the Urech Quads for the cheerleading outfits.

Addy did have a skirt on before it got wet. We since have moved her to bigger diapers.

Eloise searching for the right bib to go with her outfit.

Daddy learned this move at cheerleading camp and taught it to Eloise.
(actually, she was just bothered by stepping on the seam in her tights but Rich going to cheerleading camp is more fun.)

Cleaning up after the big game.

The townhouse we are leasing is next to a dog park and a fairly busy neighborhood so the kids just adore watching out the window for bikes, kids walking to school, trucks, doggies or "arf-arf", "mama", "dada" and the latest "gum". I still don't know what that is. They are too short to see but through trial and error they figured out the best viewing method.
I have half a mind to complain to the leasing office about not cleaning the windows. Just kidding.

And again.

"Let's look for doggies" is a foolproof distraction for our kids. I'm sure I was trying to distract Addy from doing something she was not supposed to be doing.

Such as standing on the tractor.

Or standing on the train with a straw in her mouth.

New interests also include:

Sweeping- this is mostly Beckett. He throws a fit if someone else touches the broom or we take it away for meals. I know, mean parents not allowing brooms at the table.

New fighting methods.

Eating pizza

Perfecting the art of lock picking.

Let's get a closer look at that- Addy trying to undo the childlock on the tv hutch.

Fake smiling.

Hiding when it is time to change poopy diapers.

Sorting plasticware- all of the tupperware, water bottles, plastic cups ect are still in a box and the kids like to empty it. I'm not sure they will ever get put away; this activity provides too much entertainment.

Ripping apart magazines. Pottery Barn happened to be the victim today.

And hanging on the beach that we can walk to.

(Addy is scared of the birds)

Maybe it is the beach that is throwing me into the whole vacation mode. I'm sure I'll snap back into reality in about a month when the cold weather hits. I have more video that demonstrates the true characters of our children but I'm too tired to figure out how to get it off my phone just now. Think headbutting and kissing.

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  1. I love to see that you're settling into your new home!! So close to a beach too...nice. I LOVE the picture of Addy crying because of the birds. So funny, but so sad.

    I'm sure you're glad all the planning and moving is over. Nothing more stressful than moving I think. By the way, our grandparents saw your blog and the triplet table and bought us one. Ha! I am benefiting from your blogging efforts. :) Well, still bummed you're actually gone but glad all is well!