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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kiddie Table From Sis

Last week I took the kids over to my sister's house so we could go for a walk and hang out with their cousin, Oliver, 3 1/2 years old. My sister's house is amazing, a perfect place for kids with so many cool things and a great yard. Her and her husband remodeled a farmhouse from the 1890's (?) on their own and it is filled with just creative fun things for both me and the kids to look at. It seems like they have all kinds of things that are being used not as intended. For example, I think there is some sort of antique egg beater or farm equipment hanging on the wall which was turned into a coat hook. I may be making that up, but you get the gist. Anyway, she has this great little table in the kitchen for Oliver that I think was my mom's table when she was little. It was the perfect little project and snack area and the kids loved it.

I realized that I what I need in my kitchen. Perfect for snacks, projects, and a place to start insisting that the sippy cups stay because I'm tired of cleaning up juice/milk from the carpet because of leaking cups.
Of course, Sarah had an EXTRA kiddie table for us and she dropped it off along with a kiddie sized cabinet (think kid sized hutch) she painted and removed the doors so the kids could have a place to play with and store their fake food. Both pieces are a huge hit. This afternoon, all three played with the fake food and shopping cart for almost an hour.
The fake food is a new addition from Bambi's niece, Emily, who was so excited to give it to the triplets. She is 11 or 12, a state ranked tennis player and has a hamster that lives in a doll house. Love it. The kids (girls) also have worn clothes from Emily since they were about 2 months old so it was pretty cool that she gave them her toys. Their favorite by far is the piece of bacon and the McDonald's Hotcake Syrup container that opens and closes. I'm not sure why, the one time I tried to give them bacon they practically threw it back in my face and they've never been to McDonald's but for some reason they are drawn to these two things.
Oh yeah, I don't call my sister Sarah "sis" but I've started to try to get the kids to say "sis" when referring to a sister. The main reason being that Beckett still does not talk except pointing and saying "this, this, this." I thought that if he was able to say "sis" then he would double his vocabulary. I'm working on getting all three evaluated for speech therapy. I'm sure Beckett will need it and possibly Eloise but probably not Addy. We'll see. We had such a great team of doctors and specialists in Dallas, it takes time and a lot of referrals to figure it all out again in a new city.
Anyway, here's the table and Beckett's new broom. Today he was sweeping with both brooms but I'm trying to encourage the use of the little one for fear he takes out one of his sisters with the big broom.

Check out that scab on Eloise's head. This was from the tumble at the park the other day.

Remember I said that Addy likes to pretend she is a dog. At least this is a cleaner version of doggie drinking than licking water/milk/juice off the floor like I find her doing several times a day.

Look at how much juice she has in there. Doggie drinking can keep her entertained for an extended period of time.

Look at those eyes. Also, this is an exaggerated shot of her hemangioma which is slowly disappearing but actually much faster than I anticipated.

SO glad we did not treat it surgically or with beta-blockers. We will still follow up with a pediatric plastic surgeon here but I am just amazed at how much it has shrunk. This picture below is from March. HUGE difference.
As long as we are comparing, this is Eloise just hours before her nasty spill at the park. You can see she is smiling with an under bite which her latest trick. She walks around like that all the time but at least it is less germy than licking the floor.
Just had to throw in a picture of the my little boy Beckett at the end. This is from today when he had wrapped himself in the adding machine paper. Seems appropriate with the sweater vest.

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