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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Pictures and a Surprise

I know, the whole video montage thing is getting a little old but I think you should blame my mom and brother for buying me an awesome camera to take so many pictures. That and I've finally joined the 21st Century with an iPhone to replace my old flip phone that was probably cool in say maybe 1999. You are not going to believe this but I didn't even text before I got my new phone. Second graders were more tech savvy than me. Until now.
So now I have so many photos and videos I'm just not sure what to do with them. Since it takes so long to individually upload each picture to the blog, it is much faster to put them on a video montage. If anyone would be able to tell me how to upload more than 1 picture at a time, I would be forever grateful and I would be able to post WAY more pictures.

These pictures are from last weekend when my mom and Steve came to visit for the day from Green Bay. I finally got some good fall pictures and it took 4 of us to get a group picture of the trio. I was taking the picture and one adult for each baby plopping them on the ground and running out of the frame hoping they would stay put. They also learned the art of throwing leaves and smelling flowers. Probably every few weeks I think to myself, "This has GOT to be the best age!" but then the next week rolls around and they show me that life with triplets keeps getting more fun, more sweet and more hysterically surprising.

If you notice, Beckett and Addy are gaining on little Eloise. There has consistently been a 1 lb difference between the girls but now Addy has 2 lbs on her. I'm pretty sure that has to do with Addy being a milk monster. I have to watch her and make sure she doesn't drink too much milk from the other two because if I let her, she would take their milk and run. I liken it to the big kid at school bullying kids for their milk money. She is also obsessed with the dogs eating and drinking. When she sees the dogs drinking water she gets on all 4's next to them and pretends to drink water. One day I put down her own doggie water bowl and let her pretend to drink like a dog but Rich discouraged any future Addy/doggie water bowls. Today I caught her licking water off the floor after I picked up the dog water bowls and carrying around 1 little tiny piece of dog food. She didn't eat it. Just wanted to carry it around. Her vocabulary is growing by the day. I don't know what she is saying but every day she has new urgent sounds that sound suspiciously like Hebrew accompanied by frantic pointing. We'll figure it out one of the these days.
Anyway, Eloise is still little but her head size is right on target which means she is even more top heavy than normal toddlers thus more prone to toppling over which happens frequently. I don't notice it on a daily basis but these last picture really highlight the difference. She's had a few scary falls. Just today she took a tumble on the sidewalk at the park and has a pretty good raspberry on her forehead and a scrape on her nose. It is so sad when they get scraped and bruised but I know we can't protect them forever and it is part of learning and perfecting their catlike reflexes. Also, Addy is the kid who steals the milk money but Eloise is the little tiny scrappy fighter on the playground. If there is fighting and screaming over toys, you can bet Eloise is involved. She is most likely pushing and pulling the other one to the ground and won't let go until she gets her way or gets pried away by one of us kicking and fighting the whole time. We haven't really figured out the whole TIMEOUT thing or if that is going to be an effective strategy for us. Now they mostly get removed from the situation and redirected while I talk about why we are doing what we are doing but we are going to have to figure out this strategy pretty soon.
And then there is our sweet Beckett. One day he is the sweetest little boy wanting nothing more than to sit on your lap and read his favorite book about trucks and kiss and hug his sisters. Then the next day, nothing is right, he refuses to eat and only wants to play with toys that are occupied by his sisters. He also has 4 molars coming in so that may have something to do with it. But boy, on his good days, you could not ask for a chattier, happy, smiley, funny and affectionate little kid. All of the kids are nuts about dogs but only Beckett routinely acts on it. He frequently sits by Pickles (our blind, obese and now SENILE) pug and pets and talks to her. He is most naughty during mealtime which is incredibly frustrating because he is so skinny. I always say that he only likes "diet food". Whereas Addy is on the Adkins Diet and Eloise will eat anything including spicy food, Beckett pretty much lives on things like rice, fruit, yogurt, Cheerios, peas and black olives. When he knows I'm frustrated he either throws food or hugs and kisses Addy and smiles at me.
Enough chatter. This is what we do ONCE a day before baths.

We are not really seriously potty training but more just getting them used to sitting on the potty and trying to get them to understand that the potty is not for standing in, playing in, putting in the tub, putting on their head or drinking out of.

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  1. With blogspot you can upload 5 pictures at a time. Just click the blue link above 'browse' that says, 'add another image.' You can click it up to 5 times. Then upload them all at the same time. At least that's how I do it and I use blogspot too!