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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting all 3 together in one picture

I really wanted to get a "fall" picture with all 3 playing in the leaves. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to get all 3 in one picture much less sitting down. Also, the location was not ideal because it had a playground and all they wanted to do was head towards the playground. Going to the playground at this age is not a terrific idea unless you have one person per child. All they want to to is climb and because they are not real monkeys, just pretend monkeys, they fall A LOT when climbing the stairs or slides or benches. About a month ago it was fine because Beckett could only go a few steps before falling down and mostly hung out around the stroller. Now I have all 3 going in 3 different directions which is a whole other story.
This particular day it was just Rich and I so I had to snap pictures in between chasing and picking up the fallen. Beckett thinks that grass is butt glue so if he falls down, it is impossible to get up without adult help. All I got were action shots and running shots with red noses from the wind.
It is so hard to get Eloise looking up or even looking in your direction for a pictures. She is little but she can move. She also really likes to go from one surface to another (grass to concrete and back again) or up and down a curb or step which can be a little hazardous. Luckily she can pick herself up most of the time.

Of the hundred or so pictures I took that day, they mostly looked like this- me chasing an escapee.

Love this picture of Eloise. Just wandering around in the leaves. Looking down of course.

Mr. B figured out that climbing the slide was a pretty adventurous activity with just the right amount of danger. He didn't anticipate falling headfirst in the wood chips would result in 2 cuts on his forehead. That's when I decided I should probably start carrying Band-Aids.

Love this pictures with the buildings in the back.

Addy is our runner. Most of the time it is like scampering or shuffle steps around the house. She thinks it is hysterical when we hold on to the back of her shirt and she runs in place. I remember taking this picture. She was just standing there and then saw a neglected soccer ball and took off in a panic trying to get it before anyone else.

We lined them up about 50 yards from the playground while I stood in front of them to try to get a group picture and let them loose. Best effort of the day.

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