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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Say Yes to the Mess

Some days I just don't have the fight left in me and it is just easier to let the kids do what they want and deal with the aftermath later. The other night is a perfect example. Addy got her hands on a roll of toliet paper on the way to the bedroom before baths. I had laundry to fold and I was just too tired to fight over a roll of toilet paper. I figured it would keep them entertained for a few minutes although a waster of paper. I'm not ashamed to admit that some days I chose sanity over being green.
They were a little timid at first almost like they couldn't believe their good luck. Also they probably thought if they made too big of the deal I would figure out what was going on and take it away. Like the one day they were really quiet and I found them splashing in the toilet water.

For some reason none of these kids will put their hands down to stop their fall when there is something in their hand. Addy is the biggest offender. She always has something in her hands, usually food and will fall on her elbows holding the food in the air before dropping any morsel of food. Sometimes she gets stuck on the ground like a turtle on it's back because she refuses to drop anything in her hands and can't stand back up only using her elbows. Stubborn gal.
I'm guessing Beckett won't drop the TP to stop his fall in this picture and I caught him mid tumble. Either that or he's somehow wrapped up and can't stop himself.

At some point I realized the toilet paper roll was mostly intact deserted in the corner and they were still happily playing. I knew something was amiss and then it hit me. All they wanted to do was rip the TP into little tiny pieces. They were making confetti!

We let them play as long as they didn't eat it. Nothing worse that cheap toilet paper spit balls on carpet. Some days I'm glad the fight is gone.

1/4 roll of toilet paper- 25 cents
Cleaning up toilet paper mess- 10 minutes

Joy it brings to 16 month old triplets- PRICELESS.

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  1. All I can say is oh my goodness! These photos are super funny! Lots to look forward to for us! Nice to meet you Buy Buy baby of all places ;)