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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mother's Little Helpers

Every day these kids do something new. Rich and I just look at each other and ask, "Where did he/she learn that?" forgetting that they just watch and learn from us every day. Not only do they learn from us but from one another as well. For example, Beckett is finally walking with some regularity and with a little more confidence probably because he is tired of his sisters running circles around him. No kidding, you can tell Addy to run and circles and she will until she falls down. If she feels like listening.
Can you tell he has been working out? Believe it or not, he looks like he has put on some weight and doesn't look nearly as skinny as he did. This pretty much sums up my little boy... "I'm professional but still like to party." -Beckett (bottom of the tie says "AC/DC") Then he carried around a calculator for a good part of the afternoon which was absolutely hysterical.
Okay back to my helpers. We rarely unload the dishwasher with the babies around because they like to grab the sharpest or most fragile thing and make a run for the living room. Then most of it has to go back into the dishwasher because it end up on the floor or licked by the dogs. We also rarely load the dishwasher because again, they will grab the dirtiest thing and try to lick it or again make a run for the living room with it. You get the picture. I've started to only do dishes when they are in the feeding table or I put a gate up between the living room and kitchen so I can watch them but they don't have access. I'm not sure what happened today or why the gate was down after breakfast but I got a little glimpse into the future of what it would be like to have my children help with the dishes. I guess they have been paying attention.

Disclaimer- I don't climb into the dishwasher. I don't know where Addy learned that. And the music was not part of the montage. That was really playing in the background and if you listen very close you just might hear me sing. Just after that Eloise went and got some blocks and put them in the dishwasher. Yet another reason why their access to large appliances is limited.

This one is astounding to me. There was a time that Addy was really involved with cleaning and wiping things but she hasn't shown too much interest lately. Until the other day when she picked up a disposable bib and started wiping the feeding table after dinner right after I finished doing the exact same thing. Then you will see what happens next.

Beckett copied her! Eloise was chasing the dog with a spatula. I guess she is going to leave the heavy cleaning to the bigger kids and it will be her job to torture the dogs.

I don't know where they "picked" this up because Rich and I rarely kiss or hug or pick our noses for that matter ;) The best for last.

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