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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is how we do it

Montell Jordan, 1995, horrible song but great title. People always ask us, "How do you do it?" I always say something along the lines of, "I've never had just one child so I don't know any different." or "I live on caffeine." or "This is cake compared to the first 6 months." But I realized that there are things that get us through each and every day and make this journey of triplets doable. Whether it is baby products, home supplies, food, a special treat, people, things in our daily environment- whatever, it is what we surround ourselves with that make this seemingly impossible journey "doable" but more importantly, a total blast.
So that is why I added a new section on the left called- What Makes My Day. I'll add things daily that will provide a little glimpse into the kinds of things that keep us laughing and living the best way we know how.
Disclaimer- None of the items listed are paid endorsements. I am not getting monetary compensation or otherwise for listing these products although I would be happy to entertain the notion even though my current job of "unemployed" really rakes in the dough.

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