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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Art Project or Dinner?

While the kids (and by kids I mean the triplets, Rich and the pugs) were napping this afternoon, I walked to the store to buy crayons and construction paper so we could try an afternoon art project. I pretty much come up with any excuse to walk places. For example, yesterday an hour before dinner I decided we needed sugar and breadcrumbs so off to the store. This morning I wanted to find a bookstore so we walked until we found one, only to be thwarted at the door by our stroller that was too wide to fit in. Late last week we walked to the Milwaukee Art Museum to play in the children's area which was the catalyst for today's outing.

Started off pretty well.

Maybe you have noticed that the kids now have an assigned seat at the feeding table. Addy is our Switzerland. She doesn't get too bothered by Beckett's fussing and kissing and hugging at the table and she doesn't get mad when Eloise steals food from her.

Ohh Beckett, don't eat that crayon!

Too late.

Not you too Eloise?

Even though I didn't see you eat the crayon, I know you did Addycakes. I can see the yellow on your tooth.

Eloise, why are you peeling the paper off?

So you can eat it better?

When Beckett is done eating he throws the food on the floor. Actually, flings it. When the girls are done eating they will start piling it behind them. Guess they were done with coloring.

I get it Addy. You're done and have better things to do.

I was so busy watching the kids eat crayons I forgot about the pugs.

You won't eat anything at mealtimes except for peas, banana pudding and an occasional pancake but you will eat a black crayon?

Final product. Priceless.

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