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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

I had been saving these pumpkins hats since last Halloween. We practiced wearing them but never really successfully wore them to keep their ears warm. But they were a very popular dress up toy around the house.

I've never been a big Halloween person. I can probably count on one hand the number of scary movies I've seen. But the older the kids get, the more I get excited about this kind of stuff. I mean, I'm all over the candy and celebrate that Halloween is the start of "candy season" and I can't wait until the kids can trick or treat so I can steal the candy. I used to do that to my brother. He didn't get upset that I ate his candy, he was just furious that I messed up the inventory in his accounting system. That's what candy was all about to him- an opportunity to count and make spreadsheets.
Speaking of candy, we gave the kids an entire bag of candy from Costco and let them play with it. They don't know what candy is so they had no idea that it was edible until one of the dogs chewed through a wrapper and went bonkers trying to eat and we had to take it away before the kids figured it out.
So here they are...
Guess who? (dragging around a truck book gives it away)

Guess who? (curls give it away)

Okay, this one is obvious.

The Newman Insect Swarm of ladybugs and a bumble bee.

We didn't go trick or treating but toured my dad's neighborhood. It was chilly so the girls had blankets but Beckett wanted nothing to do with a blanket- it didn't match his outfit anyway.

He is a tough little bee- wearing Mardi Gras beads.

Eloise loves to get dressed up, she loves the Choo Choo Wagon and loves playing at other peoples' houses so this was just a bang-up day for her. Just wait until she figures out the whole candy thing.

Costumes are child's play for Addy. She would rather be running, carrying heavy objects, unzipping her clothes, or trying to figure out how to unbuckle things.

Oh my beautiful little ladies- bugs that is.

We, meaning Rich and I, didn't get dressed up this year but I have big plans for next year.
I swear, I'm going to get him into tights. He works really hard for those great legs so why not show them off? Earlier that day he ran a 15K and placed 19th out of 500. I don't even know why you would work so hard to get legs like that and not show them off. Seems like a waste to me and I don't like things to go to waste...

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