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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cake and Croissants

I love cake. I live for cake. I could be perfectly happy only eating cake. When I go on a "cake diet" meaning I DON'T eat cake I can drop like 5 lbs in a few weeks. That is how much cake I eat. For Valentines Day I only ask that Rich buys me a sheet cake. I certainly would be open to jewelry but would be happy as a clam with a butter cream sheet cake with lard frosting roses. I set my own cake eating record at one wedding by eating 9 pieces. Wedding cake is the bomb and my favorite probably because I believe it is infused with love Since I can't eat wedding cake everyday, I have to find a substitute.
When Rich and I moved to Austin I figured out that it takes quite a while to scope out all bakeries and restaurants for the perfect piece of cake on the run. I knew where to go in DC but was lost in Austin. I still never found it before we moved to Dallas. Before we moved I researched the cake scene in Dallas/Plano. The first restaurant we went to in Dallas was a restaurant that was rumored to have chocolate cake "better than Prozac." It was pretty good, but not exactly the cake on the run I was looking for. Cake to me has to be great even without ice cream. Before the whole baby blog thing I was pretty convinced I was going to start writing about my quest for the perfect cake. But my cake plan got derailed.
So now in Milwaukee I'm starting over on my cake quest. I'm giving it my all and even recruited some extra hands. Thanks to some sleuthing by my sister Sarah, I may have found the perfect cake. She doesn't like or eat cake but happened to have a bite at a kid's birthday party and loved it and thought of me. It is by appointment/special order only so it doesn't fall into the "cake on the run" category but it is so good, I have waived that qualification.
Sarah ordered me a cake and dropped it off along with homemade cake in the shape of The Colosseum (ate it before I took a picture of the Jelly Belly people in the stands), bread pudding with whiskey sauce and rosemary bread.
I patiently waited until after dinner to try the new cake so we could eat it while trying to have a first tea party for the kids.

Think Beckett is excited?

Eloise didn't want cake or a tea cup with water. She just wanted to eat the plate and then throw it on the floor and rest on her daddy's lap with a lovie in her mouth, IE, she was tired.

I try not to let them eat chocolate so our little cake and tea party turned into a frosting, fondant and water party.

They must take after their dad because water was the favorite at the table that night.

No water for me. Look at that ganache. Rich has to ask permission before he takes a slice.

Delicately Delicious in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Who knew I had to come all the way to Wisconsin to find the perfect cake.

The next morning my cake high was smashed because Beckett had to go in time out 4 times within a few hours. He hates getting his diaper changed. He squirms, kicks, screams, flips over, goes straight as a board, you name it. It is a huge problem when he has a poopy diaper and I would take any advice to solve this problem. For example this morning I was putting the trio in the feeding table with Beckett the last to go in and I smelled he needed a diaper change. So I gave the girls a pile of bananas and went around the corner to change him. To make a long story short, both Beckett and I were covered in poop, he had alligator tears streaming down his face, I was sweating buckets from fighting with him and the girls were screaming because they ran out of bananas. Ugg, and that wasn't even one of the 4 times he went in time out.
So I happily packed the kids up for a French brunch date with my dad and Bambi. The rest of the day is always better after some mimosas.

Okay so it was orange juice but we asked specifically if we could get it in a champagne glass so everyone could be fancy.

Nothing fancy about this, just plain funny. Why do all kids like sour stuff?

Always need a little sweet with the sour for balance...

And a quick picture and a hasty escape before they figured out the kids smeared up the windows looking for trucks and buses.

This is all that is left of our attempt at a family picture. You can see that Addy is trying to make her escape as well. I'll keep trying.

Come on Addy, let's go home and get some cake!

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