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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quotes- from both of us

It's been some time since I remembered some good quotes from the day but today was so ridiculous I tried to forget it but couldn't.
Here's the set up- the kids have a little wagon in the living room with magazines and catalogues that they will peruse looking for doggies, babies, shoes, fruit or whatever is the hot topic of the day. Some are gold mines such as Land's End and Better Homes and Gardens with tons of dogs and babies and some require patience such as Vanity Fair and O. Today I was making dinner and I looked into the living room and this is what I saw.

I snapped a picture of Rich looking for doggies, or that is what I thought. And then this is what I heard.

Rich- “That’s the difference between dry and divine.”
Me- “What are you talking about?”
Rich- “It’s a lotion ad.”
Me (thinking,)- “Hmm, doesn't sound like Land's End. This could get interesting.
Rich- “There’s Chanel.” -pronounced with a hard ch as in Cheerios
Me (thinking)- “What is he doing? He doesn’t even know what he is talking about. Put down the Vanity Fair! Put down the Vanity Fair!”
Rich- “These are the Olsen sisters. They are pretty scary.”
Me (thinking)- “Phew, that was a frightening detour but he’s got this.”

Then about 15 minutes later the dogs were drinking water which is always a fun spectator sport for the kids. The girls lost interest but Beckett was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to splash in the water dish. I saw him moving in and I said, “Beckett, please don’t touch the dogs when they are eating or drinking. Remember the first rule of Darkavan- Safety First!” I thought I was being quite clever in repeating the Buzz Lightyear saying from his riding space vehicle.
Rich said, “Kate, it is Star Command, not Darkavan.”
Obviously I need to catch up on the kid movies and Rich needs to catch up on fashion.

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