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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Addycakes was the nickname for Addy as in the little song "Paddycake, paddycake bakers man..." The more her true personality has come out it has gone from Addycakes to Crazycakes. It's hard to even how describe how funny and wild she is. She's the one trying to climb the wall of the bathtub, or do yoga in the bathtub, pinching the butt of her siblings or runs in place while we sing, "She's a maniac, maniac I sure know. And she's dancing like she's never danced before..." That's all in a matter of minutes. She is just so smart, Rich and I look at each other and laugh. Tonight I was reading bedtime books and when we would get to the last page but before the end of the book she would start frantically signing "more" and yelling in anticipation of THE END. At one point she took the book from me and started to turn pages but kept turning it upside down and then right side up again between pages. We think she was trying to imitate me and read to the other two.

She thinks she is years beyond her actual age, the wise old soul. She looks so innocent with all those curls. My mom thinks curls make a little girl look mischievous. You tell me...

This morning I brought the kids downstairs and went back up to grab their sippy cups and this is what I found- Addy checking her email and Beckett waiting for breakfast.
This is the first time they have successfully climbed up the chairs and sat down. Just adds a whole new element to childproofing since that is where we have computers, cameras, drinks and other things to keep from them.
I'm sure she was the ringleader in this escapade. Probably bragging about it on Facebook.

Probably trying to show the neighbors what a terrible mother I am by letting my child run around without a shirt in November in Wisconsin.
"Guess I have to buy myself a shirt since my mom won't put one on me."-Addy

"This is NOT the shirt I wanted. This is a BOY shirt. I'm sitting here until someone takes me shopping." -Addy
-I didn't know she could crawl into the shopping cart until today. And then she crawls out onto things like the couch and side table. Tonight right before bed she tried to climb a bookshelf to get at lotion. Time for everything to be bolted to the wall.

Crazycakes. This picture says it all.

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