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Saturday, November 13, 2010

No one told us what day it was

How come no one told us it was "National Whining Day"? We could have at least prepared outselves mentally for the torture. Generally we have someone a little whiny in a given day but today it felt like it was just non-stop. By dinnertime tonight we were both just fried. We just kept joking that we couldn't wait for the nanny to arrive. And then there was lots of joking that we needed a drink but refrained in the event it was National Whining WEEKEND and then we would be in big trouble.
Eloise is teething, Addy is teething and Beckett has tons of teeth including 4 molars but to get him through the teething we made a bad decision to let him have free access to his passy. Now that we are limiting how much time he has with his passy it is brutal.
But the good news is that we are finally, after a week, back on a good schedule and recovered from Daylight Savings Time change. I've heard other multiple moms talk about how tough the time change can be but we didn't have any problems until this time. Before last week the kids would be in bed lights out at about 7:50 or 8 and sleep until 7:30 or 8. But napping was a problem and there were days that Addy would nap a whopping 20 minutes or not at all. Sometimes it feels like too much to ask but I need a break. Just an hour is what I would hope for because at least in that time I would wash dishes, pick up, and fold some laundry. The first morning after the time change the kids got up at 6:30. After a couple of days of early mornings and cranky kids because they were down one hour of sleep I decided to push our whole day earlier and it worked. Not only did it work but for whatever reason, they nap longer than ever. Today Addy napped for almost 3 hours. The first couple times she did that I kept checking to make sure she was breathing because she has never ever done that before. So now they get up earlier but also eat, nap and go to bed earlier.
This is how our day started- no one wanted to eat. You can see that Eloise is signing "all done" and Beckett is just trying to climb out.

Well Addy looked like she was eating but look at the size of that bite. She was just faking it.

The weather was cold and rainy so we struggled to figure out what to do today. We thought about going to see my sister and Oliver and but when I called she said that Oliver was sick. He's 3 and very verbal. Last night he said his head hurt and it hurt because Eloise and Beckett hit him in the head. We haven't seen him in a couple of weeks so that was impossible. Then when he woke up this morning he said he felt "dead" and "All of my powers are gone." Sounds like he has a bug that took his superhero powers so we stayed far away. We need all the superhero powers we can get.
So we ran some errands. They all had meltdowns getting strapped into the car seats throwing themselves backwards and kicking off shoes. Beckett had a meltdown when we wouldn't let him pull the Choo-Choo Wagon in the store. They all had a meltdown when it was time to get off the baby lounge chairs. Addy had a meltdown when I wouldn't let her hold the box of crackers. The elastic in Beckett's pants broke and his pants fell down around his ankles while he was walking in the store. Hmm, that was just between 10 and 11 and most of that was in public. And is pretty much continued in that vein for the rest of the day.
Amidst all of the whining and chaos there are periods of humor and joy and silence and that is really what I try to capture.
Like Beckett helping me sweep after lunch- still hadn't fixed his pants.

Crazycakes at lunch. That hair, those eyes, that smile. T R O U B L E

Today Eloise figured out that feeding Addy was a distracting alternative to eating herself. She feed her about 20 beans, one at a time.

I need to put some pants on this kid or get him to eat Weightgainer 2000. Remember this picture of Rich last year? No wonder Beckett has those crazy long legs.

This was so sweet, the three of them looking out the window at the rain.

I think this picture looks really sad like the girls are conspiring against Beckett and he is left all alone with no pants and only a book for a friend. That's not really what was going on. They were perfectly happy and Beckett was not being neglected by the girls. He probably wished he was.

Bath time is always wild. Before they get into the bathtub they usually like to and pick out their bath toys and drop them in one by one. It's a small bathroom so it gets a little slippery especially since at least one, maybe two kids pee on the floor in the process. Today Beckett peed in the bucket of toys which scared Eloise and made her cry. Two nights ago TWO kids pooped in the tub. Well I can't be sure it was two kids but the quantity lead me to believe that.

I said to Addy "strike a pose" as she was seriously lounging in the tub. I must not have used that phrase before because she thought I said something about a nose. When you say, "Where is your nose?" she plugs it.

Beckett likes to try and pull down the towel/washcloth bar in the tub. I can tell what he is doing without even seeing his hands from the clenched butt cheeks.

Some days he might enlist help but here it looks like he is trying to convince Eloise to keep her grubby tiny hands off his boats. Grubby is right because Eloise refuses to sit in the bathtub. She will only stand and walk around thus it takes some doing and lots of screaming to get her clean.
That is why I blog. I sat down whirling and ears ringing from the day and ended up laughing about cleaning out poopy bath tubs and toys. Ready for tomorrow.

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