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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dad Weekend

I desperately needed a break. Not just a 2 hour break when the kids are napping but a good 24 hours without worrying about spilled sippy cups, picking up toys, planning the next meal, breaking up fights and reading truck books. So on Friday night after the kids went to bed, I threw some clothes in a basket and drove to Green Bay to spend the next day with my mom.
I have spent exactly 3 nights away from the triplets since they came home from the NICU 16 months ago. Well, it has been 8 nights but 5 of those were hospital nights but that was not optional so I don't count it. I just needed a day to sleep in, shop and sleep in. Also, there is something about going "home" that has always recharged me. I remember when we lived in DC and TX and when we would fly to Green Bay to visit, the minute the plane wheels hit the runway it was like a weight was lifted; I would take a big sigh and was home. I wasn't really nervous about leaving Rich with the babies, I was more worried about the condition of the house/laundry/dishes when I got home. But then I realized that I had been training the kids for a opportunity such as this.

Beckett knows how to sweep- but we have to work on the difference between a broom and a vacuum.

The girls know how to scrub the floor.

The girls know how to do laundry.

Addy can get herself dressed, at least one leg.

Beckett knows how to find the extra diapers.

Eloise can set the table.

The girls will make sure their Daddy doesn't go hungry.

It was awesome. If you want to recharge, go to my Mom's house. Lots of good wine, snacks, awesome hand-me-down clothes and "the dream room". This is the guest bedroom that my sister Sarah has dubbed "the dream room" because it is a cozy comfortable room with all these crazy antiques and vintage clothes/hats/gloves and tons of lotions and candles and pretty much anything you can imagine if you open the dresser drawers. All of that makes for a very peaceful and just dreamy night of sleep. On Saturday we ate and shopped. That's it. Perfect 24 hours.
While I was gone Rich took the kids to the Harley Davidson Museum and let them ride motorcyles. Serioulsy, could he be more of a rock star dad? This is the picture he sent me.

I started to head home around 8 pm so I could get a good night sleep and be there when the kids woke up on Sunday but turned around remembering that gun deer season just started in WI. Sounds silly I know but hitting a deer is not uncommon in these parts and it does serious damage to your car, the deer and probably you. I know too many people who have hit a deer to take it lightly. My sister being one of them. One season she hit so many deer I think she single-handedly brought down the deer population by herself.
Anyway, I got one more luxurious night of sleep in The Dream Room, got up early and was home before breakfast. Happy to be gone but so happy to be home.

(Rich figured out how all 3 could sit on his lap so they could watch garbage truck and fire engine videos on You Tube.)

On Sunday night for dinner we went to my Dad and Bambi's (can't figure out if she is going to be Grambi or Bama) which is always such a treat. Great and I mean great food, I don't have to cook or more importantly think about what to feed them for dinner and she always gives us the leftovers!
She must be giving Eloise a lesson in cooking beets and their greens.

Addy was very excited to sit in the booster seat and anxiously awaited dinner showing off her utensil skills.

Eloise managed to stab a beet but I think she resorted to her hands with the rest of the meal.
No pictures of Beckett at the table because he didn't sit for too long. Food takes second fiddle to toys, especially toys in a new environment.

For Addy, the clasp on the booster seat is way more interesting than trucks or books. (Oh yeah, the china cabinet ranks right up there too.)

Did you buy your tickets...

To the GUN SHOW?

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