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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is there a circus missing their contortionist?

Oh boy. Addy is so determined to climb on chairs. I had to move the chairs out of the kitchen because she was pushing chairs up the counter and climbing up to grab things. Luckily the first time she did it I was standing right with my jaw hitting the floor in amazement. Why do the kids only want to go after knives and glass?

Hard to tell which she likes more these days- my wallet or my computer. She likes to look at pictures of "babies" on the computer but she really likes to dump out my money and carry around my credit cards. The chairs are too hard for her to move on the carpet so this is what she did to try to get to the table to get the computer, credit cards or maybe my sunglasses.

Then later that day...

She did this 3 times in about 24 hours having to be rescued twice. When Addy climbs under the table on the chairs Beckett starts yelling and pointing. Hard to know if he is a daredevil like her and mad she got there first or just a plain old tattletale.

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