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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, November 8, 2010


Beckett is so lucky that his big cousin Oliver was as obsessed with trucks as he is. Oliver is not ready to give his toys to the "babies from Texas" quite yet but Sarah has been sneaking away toys when he's not looking and brought over 2 bags of trucks.
Every now and again we take one or two out for a special surprise and Beckett figures out in about 2 seconds if they have moving parts, hold blocks, open/close, whatever.

He can't even fall asleep in the car or on walks because he is so busy looking for trucks, buses, motorcycles and diggers. When he sees one he yells, "duck" and if you don't respond he yells louder until you acknowledge and affirm that he saw a loved vehicle. Makes it really hard to hold a conversation in the car. He also knows the sound of trucks or motorcycles and runs to the window if he thinks he hears something loud passing by our house. When he is in his bedroom he can't see the road so he just points but downstairs is prime viewing.
This picture just makes my heart melt especially the sneakers with pajamas.

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  1. Kate - I am Rich Logghe's sister in law, and really enjoy your blog. My grandson was born June 9, 2009. He is a big and smart boy, but so far he has two sort-of words, haaa for hat and sshhhhehs for shoes. He does know alot of signing words too. My own two children were also slow to talk, as was I. So yours seem just fine to me, i wouldn't worry at this point about their speech. Loved this post about the trucks -- he's all boy!