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Thursday, November 18, 2010

We love to keep on truckin'

In a given day, I would say the kids spend about 1.5 to 2 hours looking at books or magazines. I had to take away the Vanity Fair because there was a little too much interest in the pictures and not enough interest in the articles. They now like to look at Velo News (biking magazine) and the various catalogues such as American Girl that come in the mail. The latest Shutterfly ad that came in the mail is a total bonanza because of all of the baby pictures.
But by far the favorite books are the Truck books by Priddy Books. The Animals by Priddy Books is very popular as well as the "Things That Go" book but trucks right now are hands down the most interesting thing to Eloise and Beckett. We had two of the truck books and Beckett loved them both so much we ordered a third larger book. This is a video of Beckett looking as the new truck book for the first time. The volume is not turned up, this how loud he actually is. We are working on his inside voice, or household voice as Rich calls it.

I made the mistake of giving him the book 15 minutes before nap time which made going down for nap very difficult as did trying to crawl up the stairs dragging that book behind him.

Eloise reading the same book with the same enthusiasm and same volume control.

It is always that loud when reading. When all three are looking at books I really have to be on my game to pay attention to what book each kid is reading so my response is correct. Addy is usually looking for dogs and babies and she is not quite as loud as the other two. Probably because she talks, or more appropriately, signs to herself when looking at books. When she is reading by herself and comes to the end of the book she will sign "more" and then start reading from the beginning again. I'll have to get a video of that along with Beckett and Addy fighting over the American Girl catalogue. He loves the doll on skis.

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