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Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Pumpkin

I have tons of pictures of Addy because she is always doing something crazy but I don't have tons of pictures of Eloise because in general, she is my smiley, content baby that stays out of the fray.

Most of the time you can find her folding laundry sitting next to me, playing with the fake food in the cabinet, pushing the shopping cart, reading books or doing puzzles. Her head is down concentrating so much it is hard to get a good picture of her. She is task oriented with her play and always very busy. For example, today she was taking a washcloth out of a basket, walking over to a truck, opening the back, shoving it in back, closing it up and walking back to the basket to get another washcloth. In the last few weeks she has also been very thoughtful about the other two. If she sees a sippy cup on the ground she will pick it up and take it to the nearest child that does not have a sippy cup. She also likes to deliver fake food to the other two while they are reading books.

She does not like when the other two and sometimes me touch her things while she is playing. She will scream and scream if she is doing a puzzle and Beckett comes over and takes a piece. She also likes to do things herself which at this age is frustrating to both of us. For example, she likes to spoon feed herself and will not accept anything by spoon from me. She could be sitting there for 10 minutes eating yogurt but only getting a few drops in her mouth each time. If I try to feed it to her, she will scream and throw the container and refuse to eat any more. Like I insulted her.
Oh yeah, and she she gets mad or frustrated, with her right hand she rubs the side of her head which is why her hair is frequently food crusted on that side.

On most days she is the best eater. She has her favorites but when she is hungry she will just pack it in.

She is lovie crazy. Anytime she is crying you can pretty much get her to stop by giving her a lovie. She entertains herself by collecting lovies, rolling in lovies, delivering lovies to a crying child and just plain soaking in the lovie love. I've found that she needs to sleep with 2 lovies because their cribs are right next to each other and Beckett usually steals at least one of hers through the slats of the crib in the morning.
She does have a bad habit of laughing when people get injured. I know she gets that from me. If someone falls down, she laughs. If someone get hit in the head she laughs. If someone trips, she laughs. The other day Addy came up behind Beckett and tackled him, it was like straight out of Monday Night Football. Arms around the waist and thrown to the ground totally out of the blue. Eloise was howling. I would say that she laughed so hard she wet her pants but it would be hard to tell.
She really loves to be held. When Addy wants to be held, she is using you as a method to get at something that she can't reach from the ground. Beckett is a lap sitter. He's one of those kids that will be backing up and plopping down on your lap with a book anytime you sit on the ground. But Eloise, she just likes to be held. No agenda, just wants to be held. She will let you know when she wants down but is generally pretty content just hanging out on my hip.
I don't call her "little pumpkin" all day long, just when I pick her up after carrying the other two because she just feels so little. She doesn't look or feel skinny, just little. A little thing with a pretty rockin' mullet. The last time my mom was here she asked if I was going to cut her hair. No way. Very few people can wear a mullet like this and get away with it.

Preppy Baby Mullet

Kissing Baby Mullet

Naked Baby Mullet

I don't know what this is, but it is my favorite.

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